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sat. apr. 1

the man who cheated himself, iron man (1951) @ noir fest @ egyptian

sun. apr. 2

the big heat, wicked woman @ noir fest @ egyptian

sun. apr. 9

sans soleil 7 PM @ silent movie theater

mon. apr. 10

internal systems: films by brakhage-kren-lowder-rekveld-sonoda 8 PM @ epfc

wed. apr. 12

cinemania! @ aero

fri. apr. 14

amps for christ, ezra buchla, etc @ handbag factory
indiana jones and the temple of doom MIDNIGHT @ nuart

sat. apr. 15

the courtneys @ resident (early show)
saccharine trust (11:00) @ cafe nela
wild in the streets MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater

tue. apr. 18

downtown boys @ smell

thu. apr. 20

the stepford wives @ velaslavasay panorama
race & space in los angeles iv 8 PM @ epfc

fri. apr. 21

julie byrne @ bootleg

sat. apr. 22

dead meadow, cosmonauts, the warlocks, the creation factory @ hm157
frankie and the witch fingers (7:00) FREE @ permanent hp ii

mon. apr. 24

hickey & boggs, a name for evil @ new beverly

fri. apr. 28

joe baiza, devin sarno, jason kahn @ nowspace
personal & the pizzas, the flytraps @ alex's bar (LB)
jon brion @ largo

sat. apr. 29

colleen green @ the echo
the godfather part ii 8:30 PM @ los angeles theatre

sat. may 6

fancy space people @ hm157

sat. jun. 3

wayne's world @ cinespia @ hollywood forever

fri. jun. 9

her FREE 8:30 PM @ union station

sat. jun. 17

the usual suspects @ cinespia @ hollywood forever

thu. jun. 29

quintron & miss pussycat @ highland park ebell


1953, Sony Repertory, 90 min, USA, Dir: Fritz Lang
One of director Fritz Lang’s best Hollywood films tells the tale of a virtuous cop (Glenn Ford) out for revenge against the gangster who killed his wife. Assisting him in his one-man crusade against the city’s corrupt power base is a kooky, sexy dame (Gloria Grahame, in perhaps her signature role) who’s out for a little vengeance of her own. Featuring an all-time thuggish turn by a young Lee Marvin. As compact and compelling as any crime film ever made.

1951, Universal, 81 min, USA, Dir: Joe Pevney
Jeff Chandler stars as Coke Mason, a Pennsylvania coal miner who is talked into becoming a boxer by his gambler brother (Stephen McNally). Coke’s wife (Evelyn Keyes) thinks her husband’s violent streak can make them millionaires, not caring that’s he’s becoming a villain in the public’s eyes. In the end, Coke fights for the title against … Rock Hudson! Based on the novel by W.R. Burnett and featuring Jim Backus, Joyce Holden and James Arness. New 35mm Print!

1950, 81 min, USA, Dir: Felix Feist
A veteran San Francisco homicide cop (Lee J. Cobb) spirals into a moral morass when his married socialite lover (Jane Wyatt, in a rare fatale role) “accidentally” bumps off her husband. Instead of playing it by the book (would that be noir?), he covers up the crime, only to have his younger brother (John Dall) - himself a fledgling homicide dick - start putting together the pieces. This James M. Cain-inspired thriller gets maximum impact out of its San Francisco locations, including a memorable climax at Fort Point. 35 mm! Archival Print!

1953, Park Circus/MGM, 77 min, USA, Dir: Russell Rouse
In this racy little B-movie, scarlet woman Beverly Michaels (PICKUP) cons saloon owner Richard Egan into bilking his boozy wife out of her dough, then toys with the affections of slavering devotee Percy Helton (as you’ve never seen him before). She plans on dumping both and leaving a dust trail to Mexico. Michaels was definitely director Rouse’s kind of woman: They married after making this picture - an extra twist to this juicy noir. Featuring a title song that’s a cult favorite! 35 mm!