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thu. may 4

the trial @ egyptian

fri. may 5

touch of evil, the lady from shanghai @ egyptian
after hours, the color of money @ aero

sat. may 6

fancy space people @ hm157
orson welles rarities @ egyptian
comediennes of the silent era @ spielberg @ egyptian
the bitter tears of petra von kant, beware of a holy whore @ aero

sun. may 7

citizen kane, f for fake @ egyptian
world on a wire @ aero

mon. may 8

agents of change 7 PM @ aero

tue. may 9

mellow mud @ egyptian

thu. may 11

mia doi todd, bart davenport @ zebulon

fri. may 12

los angeles lovers 8 PM @ bob baker marionette theater
infinite body @ coaxial

sat. may 13

chinatown @ cinespia @ hollywood forever
frankie and the witch fingers @ the offbeat
goodfellas @ egyptian
november 9:30 PM @ aero
the abominable dr. phibes MIDNIGHT @ new beverly

sun. may 14

flying hair @ echoplex

thu. may 18

the music tapes, the orbiting human circus @ bootleg
featherwolf @ zebulon
nixon @ aero

fri. may 19

hex horizontal @ smell
joysticks, pinball summer @ egyptian
u turn, natural born killers @ aero

sat. may 20

cold beat @ echo
diary of a lost girl, beggars of life @ egyptian
heaven & earth, salvador @ aero
the abominable dr. phibes 2:00 PM @ new beverly
inherent vice MIDNIGHT @ new beverly

sun. may 21

mimosas @ spielberg @ egyptian
rear window @ aero
the abominable dr. phibes 2:00 PM @ new beverly

tue. may 23

who killed teddy bear?, krakatoa: east of java @ new beverly

wed. may 24

crime in the streets, dino @ new beverly

thu. may 25

five came back FREE (RSVP) @ aero
crime in the streets, dino @ new beverly

fri. may 26

jon brion @ largo
brian wilson @ pantages
seven samurai @ egyptian
fargo @ aero
pee-wee's big adventure 7 PM, ed wood @ new beverly

sat. may 27

big search, sleepy sun @ hi hat
brian wilson @ pantages
one-word weird-a-thon @ aero
pee-wee's big adventure 2:00 7:00 PM, ed wood 9:00 PM @ new beverly

sun. may 28

jurassic park trilogy @ egyptian
lawrence of arabia (70mm) @ aero
pee-wee's big adventure 2 PM @ new beverly
a new leaf 6:30 PM, ishtar @ new beverly

mon. may 29

world war ii documentaries 3 PM FREE (RSVP) @ aero
a new leaf, ishtar @ new beverly

wed. may 31

sami blood @ egyptian
i wanna hold your hand, used cars @ new beverly

thu. jun. 1

i wanna hold your hand, used cars @ new beverly

sat. jun. 3

wayne's world @ cinespia @ hollywood forever

wed. jun. 7

laura 8 PM @ last remaining seats @ million dollar theatre

fri. jun. 9

her FREE 8:30 PM @ union station
dead meadow @ satellite

sat. jun. 10

white fence FREE @ getty

mon. jun. 12

low @ globe theatre

sat. jun. 17

the usual suspects @ cinespia @ hollywood forever

fri. jun. 23

fancy space people @ hm157

sun. jun. 25

air @ greek theatre

thu. jun. 29

quintron & miss pussycat @ highland park ebell

fri. jul. 7

melvins @ troubadour

tue. jul. 25

levitation room @ bootleg

thu. jul. 27

heron oblivion, steve gunn @ the observatory (OC)

fri. jul. 28

heron oblivion, steve gunn @ echo

sat. jul. 29

steve gunn FREE @ getty

tue. aug. 22

melvins @ troubadour


2016, Grasshopper Film, 96 min, Spain/Morocco/France/Romania/Qatar, Dir: Oliver Laxe
Director Oliver Laxe’s new film is a breathtakingly shot “Eastern Western,” which follows a caravan carrying a dying sheikh into the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The elderly sheik’s last wish is to be buried with his loved ones in the village where he was born. But death does not wait, and without their leader, the company grows fearful and entrusts the body to two men who agree to bring it to its final destination. Meanwhile, in another world, a mysterious young man is chosen to find the caravan. Winner of the Nespresso Grand Prize at Cannes Critics’ Week 2016, among other international awards. Discussion after the feature with director Oliver Laxe.

2017, 115 min, Estonia, Dir: Rainer Sarnet
This adaptation of Andrus Kivirähk’s novel Rehepapp follows the lives of pragmatic farmers who co-exist with werewolves, ghosts and the plague in a strange, intriguing tale that boasts a very distinctive visual style. A mixture of magic and romantic comedy, NOVEMBER is making its North American premiere in the International Narrative Competition at the Tribeca Film Festival 2017.

One-Word Weird-A-Thon
* ROAR, 1981, Drafthouse Films, 102 min. Dir. Noel Marshall. “No animals were harmed in the making of this film. 70 cast and crew members were.” Anyone who thinks life with the lions is all BORN FREE bliss should watch this notorious adventure-horror film, shot over the course of a decade. Star of THE BIRDS and an animal rights-activist, Tippi Hedren plays a woman who brings her three children (including real-life daughter Melanie Griffith) to visit her husband’s California wildlife ranch - only to be attacked by its four-legged inhabitants. 36th Anniversary!
* NUKIE, 1987, 95 min. Dirs. Sias Odendaal, Michael Pakleppa. In this ludicrous E.T. knockoff, aliens Nukie and Miko are buzzing Earth when they’re pulled in by the planet’s gravity, and land in Africa and America, respectively. As Miko is captured and subjected to U.S. government tests, Nukie sets out to rescue him, using telepathic powers to befriend human allies. With Steve Railsback and Glynis Johns. 30th Anniversary!
* R.O.T.O.R., 1987, Park Circus/MGM, 90 min. Dir. Cullen Blaine. When things go wrong at Robotic Officer Tactical Operation Research, a robot motorcycle cop developed as a prototype emerges from the lab and begins executing people for minor traffic infractions. From its stiff performances to its continuity errors and cheesy synth soundtrack, this is among the most gloriously inept movies the ’80s had to offer. 30th Anniversary!
* CONGO, 1995, Paramount, 109 min. Dir. Frank Marshall. When Congo explorers searching for a rare blue diamond vanish, colleague Laura Linney leads a search party; helping her navigate the jungle is a gorilla capable of communicating with humans. Adapted by writer John Patrick Shanley from the Michael Crichton novel, this box office hit costars Dylan Walsh, Ernie Hudson, Grant Heslov and Tim Curry. 22nd Anniversary!
* THINGS, 1993, Severin Films, 81 min. Dirs. Dennis Devine, Eugene James, Jay Woelfel. In this horror anthology, a woman kidnaps her husband’s mistress and forces her to listen to two gore-filled tales about creatures birthed by the evil of men: “The Box” and “Thing in a Jar.” “A horrific and sexy romp in the dark.” - Joe Bob Briggs. 24th Anniversary!
* Fantasy Horror Film to be announced! 40th Anniversary!
* MATILDA, 1978, Park Circus/Exclusive, 92 min. Dir. Daniel Mann. Noted author Paul Gallico wrote the book upon which this family film was based but didn’t live long enough to see it reach the screen … and that’s probably for the best! Promoter Elliott Gould thinks he’s struck gold when he discovers a boxing kangaroo capable of knocking out the heavyweight champion - but a crime boss wants a piece of the action. Robert Mitchum, Roy Clark (of TV’s “Hee Haw”) and Harry Guardino costar. 39th Anniversary!

2016, Nordisk Film AB, 110 min, Sweden/Norway/Denmark, Dir: Amanda Kernell
Fourteen -year-old Elle Marja (talented newcomer Lene Cecilia Sparrok) is a reindeer-herding Sámi girl growing up in the 1930s. Exposed to the era’s racial biology examinations at her boarding school, she starts dreaming of another life - but to achieve it, she will have to break all ties with her family and culture. “A moving, classically rendered coming-of-age tale set against the scarring social prejudices of the 1930s, this handsome debut feature from Swedish- Sámi writer-director Amanda Kernell robustly blends adolescent fears that resonate across borders and generations with a fascinatingly specific, rarely depicted cultural context.” - Guy Lodge, Variety. Discussion following with director Amanda Kernell.

World War II Documentaries
Join us for a Memorial Day presentation of historic WWII documentaries made by the directors profiled in the new Netflix film FIVE CAME BACK: Frank Capra, John Ford, William Wyler, George Stevens and John Huston.
Films include:
* “Prelude to War” (1942, 52 min. Dir. Frank Capra) The first of seven films in the “Why We Fight” series commissioned by the U.S. government rallies support for the war effort by showing the threat posed by the Axis powers. A Best Documentary Oscar winner.
Followed at 4:00 PM by:
* “How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines” (1943, 62 min. Dir. John Ford) This long-classified training film, made for the OSS (the precursor to the CIA), teaches best practices through a narrative about two undercover operatives. Director Ford makes a rare onscreen appearance as a secret agent’s supervisor.
* “The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress” (1944, 45 min. Dir. William Wyler) The Memphis Belle was a Boeing B-17 heavy bomber that safely completed 25 missions in Europe; this color documentary shows its crew at work on one of the last of these sorties.
Followed at 6:00 PM by:
* “Nazi Concentration Camps” (1945, 59 min. Dir. George Stevens) Shot by Allied military cameramen shortly after the liberation of Europe, this camp-by-camp depiction of Nazi atrocities was used as evidence in the Nuremburg trials.
Followed at 7:00 PM by:
* “Let There Be Light” (1946, 58 min. Dir. John Huston) Narrated by the director’s father, Walter Huston, this striking documentary follows WWII combat veterans undergoing treatment for psychological trauma. The film was suppressed for decades by the Army over concerns that it was demoralizing, but has since been named to the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry for its historical significance.