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mon. sept. 4

cinecon @ egyptian theatre
2006 art deco festival @ queen mary

wed. sept. 6

deerhoof @ troubadour
truman's water, the pope @ the smell
woggles, zombies @ the avalon 

fri. sept. 8

head MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ nuart
night of the living dead 3-d MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
the kid brother 8:15 PM @ old town music hall

sat. sept. 9

murder with pictures @ starlight studios
vashti bunyan @ the echo
loin/distant 7 PM 9:15 PM @ lacma
acid mothers temple @ the smell
the apartment @ cinespia @ hollywood forever
russian 3-d shorts 1:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
mad magician 3:30 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
it came from outer space 6:30 PM, adventures of sam space @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
the stewardesses MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
the kid brother 2:30 PM 8:15 PM @ old town music hall

sun. sept. 10

bipolar bear, upsilon acrux @ the smell
the proposition, chopper @ new beverly theatre
the wild bunch 6:30 PM, the killer elite @ aero theatre
hipster arts & crafts fair 11 AM - 6 PM @ the echo
creature from the black lagoon 7 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
revenge of the creature 9:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
the kid brother 2:30 PM @ old town music hall

mon. sept. 11

the proposition, chopper @ new beverly theatre
glass web 7 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

tue. sept. 12

edge of the city 1 PM @ lacma
the proposition, chopper @ new beverly theatre
the black dahlia @ lacma
house of wax 9:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

wed. sept. 13

lonnie smith organ trio @ jazz bakery
leonard cohen: i'm your man, be here to love me: a film about townes van zandt @ new beverly theatre
straw dogs @ aero theatre
the maze 1:30 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
i the jury 3:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
diamond wizard 7 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
inferno 9:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

thu. sept. 14

lonnie smith organ trio @ jazz bakery
leonard cohen: i'm your man, be here to love me: a film about townes van zandt @ new beverly theatre
phantom of the rue morgue 9:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

fri. sept. 15

riki-oh: the story of ricky MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ nuart
lonnie smith organ trio @ jazz bakery
out on a ledge: photographs of a comic genius - exhibit begins @ ampas
welcome danger 8 PM @ ampas
sisters, phantom of the paradise @ lacma
saccharine trust, tortoise @ troubadour
amy goodman - static 12 PM @ skylight books
the bubble MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

sat. sept. 16

lonnie smith organ trio @ jazz bakery
scarface @ lacma
7th annual vaudeville extravaganza 8 PM @ alex theatre
california split @ cinespia @ hollywood forever
robot monster 11 AM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
gog 1:15 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre
frankenstein (1974) MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

sun. sept. 17

gorilla at large 9:45 PM @ 3D film expo @ egyptian theatre

tue. sept. 19

vampyres daughters of dracula, the blood spattered bride @ new beverly theatre

thu. sept. 21

river's edge, the chocolate war @ aero theatre

fri. sept. 22

mission of burma @ troubadour
sharon jones & the dap-kings @ henry fonda theater
the disco dolls in hot skin in 3-d (rated x), the lollipop girls in hard candy in 3-d (rated x) @ new beverly theatre
carrie, dressed to kill @ lacma

sat. sept. 23

the disco dolls in hot skin in 3-d (rated x), the lollipop girls in hard candy in 3-d (rated x) @ new beverly theatre
blow out, the untouchables @ lacma
the case against mrs. ames @ starlight studios

sun. sept. 24

400 blows 6:30 PM, small change @ aero theatre

tue. sept. 26

the big sleep 1 PM @ lacma
an inconvenient truth FREE 7 PM @ santa monica pier
don't knock the rock @ new beverly theatre ?

wed. sept. 27

new york doll, end of the century: the story of the ramones @ new beverly theatre

thu. sept. 28

new york doll, end of the century: the story of the ramones @ new beverly theatre

fri. sept. 29

the taking of pelham one two three MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ nuart
louis bluie, ghost world @ aero theatre
obsession, femme fatale @ lacma

sat. sept. 30

badder santa - director's cut @ aero theatre
the fury, body double @ lacma
the shining MIDNIGHT MOVIE @ rialto theatre

sun. oct. 1

the warriors, streets of fire @ new beverly theatre
crumb 6:30 PM @ aero theatre


A dramatic flight to the year 2001, when Earth is at war with pirate planets from outer space! This cartoon was not released until 1960, as "Space-Attack", when it ran with "September Storm".

In Static, the brother-sister team of Amy Goodman and investigative journalist David Goodman once again take on government liars, corporate profiteers, and the media that has acted as their megaphone. Mixing investigative reporting and interviews, Static presents voices of dissidents, activists, and others who are too often frozen out of official debate, to shed new light on urgent issues of war and peace. Ultimately, Static is a hopeful, fighting, rallying call for people to take back our government, our media, and our world. Please note: Ms. Goodman will speak about the book, but will not be able to do a Q & A at this event.

BADDER SANTA – DIRECTOR’S CUT, 2003, Miramax, 98 min. Terry Zwigoff’s underground variation of MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, with Billy Bob Thorton as a completely foul- mouthed alcoholic con man posing as a mall Santa, who teams up with his friend Marcus (Tony Cox) to rob the store just before Christmas. A rare intelligent adult comedy. Hysterical and bold, Thornton is reminiscent of W.C. Fields, only more drunk and worse to children. Partner and elf Tony Cox is the perfect foil. Featuring the late, great John Ritter, Bernie Mac and Brett Kelly as the kid. (Please Note: No 35 mm print exists, so this will be screened from a digital video source). Discussion following with director Terry Zwigoff.

(2006/color/120 min./Panavision) Scr: Josh Friedman; dir: Brian De Palma; w/ Josh Hartnett, Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Aaron Eckhart, Mia Kirshner.
In 1974, the body of ambitious starlet Elizabeth Short (Mia Kirshner), a raven-haired beauty the tabloids dubbed "The Black Dahlia," was discovered in an empty Los Angeles lot. Her body was viciously mutilated and neatly severed in half. This brutal crime-an attack so grisly that the police photos were kept sealed-shocked and fascinated the nation and remains unsolved today. James Ellroy's best-selling novel was adapted by Brian De Palma into a gripping and fascinating film. Police officers Lee Blanchard (Aaron Eckhart) and Bucky Bleichert (Josh Hartnett) are called to the murder scene one early morning in January. While Blanchard's growing preoccupation with the investigation threatens his relationship with Kay (Scarlett Johansson), his partner Bleichert finds himself attracted to the enigmatic Madeleine Linscott (two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank), the daughter of one of the city's most prominent families, who just happens to have an unsavory connection to the murder victim. Set in a booming, postwar L.A. stylishly recreated by production designer Dante Ferretti, De Palma's tale of obsession, love, corruption, greed, and depravity is a triumph of cinematic storytelling. Thanks to the dramatic and moody cinematography of Vilmos Zsigmond, this film is one of the year's great visual achievements. Special guest: Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond will be present for a Q & A following the screening.

(from IMDB)
A young husband's sexual fantasies frighten his new wife and cause her to seek advice from Carmilla, a descendent of Mircalla de Karnstein. Carmilla seduces the young bride and forces her to commit gory acts of mutilation.

(1984/color/114 min./Panavision) Scr: Robert J. Avrech, Brian De Palma; dir: Brian De Palma; w/Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry, Dennis Franz.
An unemployed actor, house-sitting for a successful Hollywood friend, , discovers that the bachelor pad's high-powered telescope provides a view into the bedroom of a beautiful woman who mysteriously performs an erotic dance every night at the same time. But fantasy turns to horror when a sex-crazed psychopath wielding a lethal power drill abruptly terminates the act, and then vanishes into LA's porn film underworld, leaving the now traumatized and guilt-ridden voyeur no choice but to follow. Set in a contemporary Los Angeles envisioned as a collection of sleek architectural mazes and graced with a sexy, star-making performance by young Melanie Griffin, Body Double is a film in which every character is watching or being watched, and nothing is as it seems. Though sharply dividing audiences with its cartoon-like mix of reality and unreality, horror and farce, this audacious film marks De Palma's most extreme representation of his themes to date.

Some absolutely terrific 3-D photography, this Sci-Fi thriller was written and directed by Arch Oboler ("Bwana Devil"). Eerie story of a couple trapped under "The Bubble"!

THE CHOCOLATE WAR, 1988, MGM Repertory, 100 min. A triumphant return of one of the most criminally overlooked movies of the 1980's! This dazzling directorial debut by actor Keith Gordon (MOTHER NIGHT, SINGING DETECTIVE), is based on the book by Robert Cormier and compares favorably with J.D. Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye and Lindsay Anderson’s IF… for depicting the often surreal absurdity of boarding school life. Ilan Mitchell-Smith is a student who resists headmaster Brother John’s (John Glover) orders to participate in a school-wide chocolate-selling fundraiser. He consequently incurs the wrath of the students’ fascist secret society run by Wallace Langham and Adam Baldwin who go to ridiculous lengths to break his will. Yaz and Peter Gabriel combine for one of the most haunting soundtracks of all time. Discussion in between films with producers Sarah Pillsbury and Midge Sanford (RIVER’S EDGE), actor Daniel Roebuck and director Keith Gordon (CHOCOLATE WAR).

The last great Universal Horror Monster, the Creature is both scary... and sympathetic. This is a truly terrific film, not to be missed. If you've only seen this film in anaglyphic (red/blue), you haven't really seen it!

The only British 3-D feature was never released in 3-D anywhere in the world...until now! A World 3-D Film Expo II Premiere! Terrific little thriller about fake diamonds...or are they?

(2002/color/114 min.) Scr/dir: Brian De Palma; w/Rebecca Romijn, Antonio Banderas, Peter Coyote.
Opening at the Cannes Film Festival with a virtuoso almost wordless 30 minute sequence, Femme Fatale follows the meticulous movements of icy-blonde jewel thief Laure Ash as she strips a fortune in diamonds off a heavy-breathing model, double-crosses her thuggish partners, and assumes a new identity. But seven years later, when a handsome paparazzo suddenly starts snapping at her heels. "De Palma and his brilliant French cinematographer Thierry Arbogast pull off one virtuoso sequence after another: amazing tracking shots and sumptuous long takes, split-screen extravaganzas and dozens of allusions to other films, beginning with a raunchy homage to Billy Wilder`s Double Indemnity. Visually, it`s an extraordinary work. a tribute to film noir, to Paris and to the cinema itself." Chicago Tribune.

Creepy horror pic has some of the best 3-D of the second era of 3-D (1970s and early 80s). This is a brand new, fully restored print!

(1978/color/118 min.) Scr: John Farris; dir: Brian De Palma; w/Kirk Douglas, Amy Irving, John Cassavetes, Carrie Snodgress, Andrew Stevens. New print courtesy Twentieth Century Fox Archive.
De Palma's first big-budget studio film was another story about a telekinetic young woman (Irving) but, unlike Carrie, the production was physically demanding and featured a multi-strand narrative. Having vowed to make a film that moves "like a wind-up toy", The Fury opens with a slaughter on an Israeli beach by armed Arab terrorists in speed boats, and weaves together renegade CIA operatives, secret medical experiments, missing children, a shocking suicide, an Oedipal dream sequence, and an horrific telekinetic attack in which an exploding head is seen from 18 different angles. Critic Armond White refers to The Fury is seen as "a litmus test" for De Palma fans. "If you`re really interested in movies as a pop art form, then you have to respond to The Fury, because that movie does everything that the medium is capable of. And it does it with incredible wit and a really impressive morality. I absolutely believe that anybody who can`t see it in The Fury doesn`t really like movies."

Edward G. Robinson and John Forsythe star in Universal's and director Jack Arnold's second 3-D feature. This is one of the first films dealing with television production... and it's complicated by murder... in 3-D!

One of the last 3-D's of the golden era, it evokes memories of the 1950's TV show SCIENCE FICTION THEATER.

Fox's second 3-D feature, set in a carnival involving a killer gorilla. Bancroft is radiant, Mitchell young, and Burr sinister with an excellent supporting role by Lee J. Cobb. Watch for Lee Marvin's bit.

Fifty years later, HOUSE OF WAX still thrills, entertains, and reveals stereoscopic wonder. Advertised as the "First 3-D Film from a Major Studio", WAX was and still is the quintessential 3-D film. Although the one-eyed director de Toth couldn't see 3-D, he understood perspective and framing better than many cameramen. Jack Warner demanded de Toth have at least some 3-D "gags" and the most obvious is the famous paddle ball scene featuring Reggie Rymal.

20th Century Fox was fully promoting their answer to 3-D, CinemaScope, but hedged their bet by releasing this 3-D gem. It's a very satisfying crime adventure filmed on location in the California desert. Ryan is wonderful as a husband left to die in the desert by his wife and her lover. Excellent 3-D photography puts you there! 3-strip Technicolor print!

One of the top five 3-D films, the "space" special effects are 1953 modest budget. Yet, allow yourself to fall into the 3-Dimensional heart of this serious-themed sci-fi and youll remember it forever. Presented in stereophonic sound, only at the Expo!

This is a terrific film noir featuring black and white cinematography by John Alton ("Raw Deal", "T-Men") and starring Biff Elliot as Mike Hammer.

(from IMDB)
Meek country boy, Harold Hickory (Harold Lloyd) is smitten by Mary Powers (Ralston), travelling with her late father's medicine show. When the show burns down, Harold invites her to stay at his house with his father and brothers. When the town's money is stolen by thugs from the medicine show, Harold's father is accused, and with encouragement from Mary, Harold sets out to find the real crooks.

THE KILLER ELITE, 1975, MGM Repertory, 122 min. Dir. Sam Peckinpah. Independent covert operative Locken (James Caan) is betrayed and seriously wounded by best friend Hansen (Robert Duvall), who has decided to flip allegiances when the other side offers more money. Initially, Locken refuses to return to the freelance spy game, but cynical former bosses Gig Young and Arthur Hill lure him back with a promise of going up against his former comrade. With Bo Hopkins, Burt Young, Mako. Discussion between films with actor, Bo Hopkins and author, Garner Simmons.

(2001/color/120 min.) scr: Michel Alexandre, Mehdi Ben Attia; dir: Andre Techine; w/ Stéphane Rideau, Lubna Azabal, Mohamed Hamaidi, Yasmina Reza, Gaël Morel
“Loin, shot in Tangiers, Morocco on digital video primarily in natural light, has an extraordinarily vibrant and voluptuous physical texture (and) the typically romantic setting has been stripped down to its purest form: a squalid milieu of drug dealers, black market operatives, travelers and expatriates. Serge (Rideau) is a truck driver who imports cloth to Morocco and delivers high priced, stylish luxury clothes to France. Serge's return to Tangiers, where he agrees to smuggle hashish out of the port city, re-ignites his smoldering, complicated relationship with Sarah (Azabal), a beautiful, independent young woman mourning her recently dead mother who operated a small hotel. Sarah’s successful brother, a Canadian émigré, has dispatched his wife (the playwright Yasmina Reza) to help her close the hotel and resettle in Canada, but Sarah agonizes over the decision because of her inchoate, irrational attraction to Serge. Téchiné tactfully renders the confusion and desperation occasioned by these personal dilemmas into a larger canvas of cultural dislocation, identity and friendship. He makes explicit that personal destiny, freedom and happiness are a function of choices made and ignored. “ - Patrick McGavin, IndieWire

LOUIE BLUIE, 1985, 70 min. Director Terry Zwigoff made his first foray into film with this portrait of obscure blues artist Howard Armstrong, 75-year-old musician, painter, poet, and all-around hellraiser. He bursts onto the screen as a celebration of life itself. This profile of "string-blues" presaged Zwigoff’s personal passion for blues and jazz music that would give his feature GHOST WORLD its extraordinary soundtrack. Ultra Rare Screening!

Vincent Price is playing "Gallico", similar in some ways to Prof. Henry Jarrod of "House of Wax". But this great little film stands on its own. And EVA GABOR costars!

Actor Richard Carlson's second 3-D film, this mystery film is classic low budget fun. The 3-D is very good, including bats flying in your face. Directed by production designer William Cameron Menzies (GONE WITH THE WIND), most of the story takes place in a dark castle (emphasized in B&W 3-D), and offers a mystery with an odd, surprising payoff.

(1976/color/98 min./Panavision) Scr: Paul Schrader; dir: Brian De Palma, w/Cliff Robertson, Genevieve Bujold, John Lithgow.
New Orleans real estate developer Michael Courtland (Robertson) suffers a terrible loss when his wife Elizabeth (Bujold) and daughter are killed in a bungled kidnapping. Fifteen years later, Courtland returns to Florence and revisits the same church where he met his long-lost love... and finds a doppelgänger: a young Italian art restorer (Bujold), that he is compelled to transform into the image of Elizabeth. "Obsession succeeds because it isn`t so much a remake (of Vertigo) as a transposition, a full-blown melodramatic tour-de-force of wild noir gimmicks and unrestrained emotions. The romance is so intensely observed. it plays like opera. Bernard Herrmann's overpowering score is the movie, almost as if the emotions had been composed first as music and the movie directed to fit." Glenn Erickson, Savant

Featuring over 100 large-format photographs from Harold Lloyd’s personal archive of production stills, behind-the-scenes shots and family photos, many printed from the original negatives.

(1974/color/92 min.) Scr/dir: Brian De Palma; w/Paul Williams, William Finley, Jessica Harper. New 35mm print courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
"De Palma's second collaboration with producer Ed Pressman is arguably his finest film. A highly inventive updating of the Phantom of the Opera story to the rockbiz world – complete with borrowings from Faust and The Picture of Dorian Gray – it tells of rock composer Finley`s desire for revenge after he is cheated by a nightclub and record label mogul (Williams). Nothing that remarkable about the plot in itself, but De Palma employs his love of gadgetry to imaginative effect (making terrific use of split screens and video technology), and casts a satirically beady eye upon the money-hungry foibles of the music industry." Time Out

Warner's follow up to HOUSE OF WAX. Similar time period, but very different flavor. More 3-D effects than WAX, and Malden's performance is slick. Pure 3-D entertainment!

(from IMDB)
Rural Australia in the late nineteenth century: Capt. Stanley and his men capture two of the four Burns brothers, Charlie and Mike. Their gang is held responsible for attacking the Hopkins farm, raping pregnant Mrs. Hopkins and murdering the whole family. Arthur Burns, the eldest brother and the gang's mastermind, remains at large has and has retreated to a mountain hideout. Capt. Stanley's proposition to Charlie is to gain pardon and - more importantly - save his beloved younger brother Mike from the gallows by finding and killing Arthur within nine days.

Last title from the golden era, this sequel to CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is almost as good as the original: entertaining and scary! The 3-D is right on, especially the underwater scenes shot in Marineland's (Florida) big tank. Fish swim out of the screen into your face. And check out that fellow in the lab... Clint Eastwood!

RIVER'S EDGE, 1986, MGM Repertory, 99 min. Director Tim Hunter and writer Neal Jimenez' tale of disaffected teens who are tainted by either knowledge or complicity in a young girl’s murder, hits as hard today as it did 20 years ago. A smart, literate, fearless movie chock- full of amazing performances, from conscience-stricken Keanu Reeves, to visably damaged psychotic adult Dennis Hopper, to crazed and mesmerizing Crispin Glover, to the heart of the picture, a dull-eyed, empty-headed "Samson" of a man played by Daniel Roebuck.

Found on most "worst film" lists, this is a must-see. Supposedly shot on either a $15,000 or $20,000 budget over a few day's time, and it shows. But remarkably the B&W 3-D is generally pretty good. George Nader and cast perform a living comic book of sci-fi from a young boy's perspective...Music by Elmer Bernstein.

Five short subjects shot in the former USSR in 70mm; we are presenting brand new StereoVision prints of "Hello, Sochi!" (1975), "Horse-Child in the Apples" (1981), "Souvenir" (1977), "Games of Animals" (1980), and "Parade of Attractions" (1970). These shorts have never been presented in Los Angeles before, and most have never been seen in the United States at all.

Alex Film Society opens its 13th season with the seventh annual VAUDEVILLE EXTRAVAGANZA! at Glendale’s historic Alex Theatre. VAUDEVILLE EXTRAVAGANZA! is One Big Night of Fun and Frolic! The most anticipated family event held annually at the grand theatre, the show is a "hurricane of fun and frolic" paying tribute to the Alex’s vaudeville roots. The one-night-only event is an eclectic mix of the sort of variety acts that made vaudeville so beloved by a generation of fans.
Opening the show will be
America’s enchanting ukelele chanteuse JANET KLEIN and her Parlor Boys
playing nostalgic music from the vaudeville era.
Then, live on stage will be:
Who's On First?
DAVIS & FAVERSHAM Tribute to Abbott & Costello
Jovial Jaunty Juggling
BEEJAY JOYER Masterful Manual Manipulations
Maestro of the Glass Harmonica
MICHAEL GREINER Creator of Crystal Melodies
From Bulgaria!
STOIL & EKATERINA Masters of Magical Transformations
True to the vaudeville genre, the evening concludes on the big screen with a Walter Lantz cartoon BROADWAY BOW WOW'S and Charlie Chaplin’s, 1916 comedy classic ONE A.M. starring the loveable tramp and to close, Buster Keaton in PARDON MY BERTH MARKS.

(1973/color/92 min.) Scr: Brian De Palma, Louisa Rose; dir: Brian De Palma; w/Margot Kidder, Jennifer Salt, Charles Durning, William Finley. DigiBeta courtesy of Janus Films
Special Guest: Edward R. Pressman will discuss Sisters and Phantom of the Paradise between screenings.
Since his association with De Palma early in his career, Mr. Pressman has produced upwards of 75 feature films including Wall Street, Reversal of Fortune, The Bad Lieutenant, The Crow, American Psycho, The Cooler, Thank You for Smoking, and the just completed Fur. When police find no evidence of a grisly murder in the apartment shared by aspiring actress Danielle (Kidder) and her sister, an intrepid eyewitness (Salt) digs up some macabre facts with lethal consequences. Inspired by a Life Magazine photo of two Russian Siamese twins, one of whom "had a very surly, disturbing look on her face while the other looked perfectly healthy and smiling", De Palma conceived this low budget thriller as "a conscious attempt to work within a very tight story form. Basically I wanted to make a movie in the Hitchcock mode in order to work out my own problems as a storyteller." Independently produced by Ed Pressman, Sisters is thematically rich and technically audacious, thanks to strong performances, striking design, suspenseful split screen shooting, a clever film-within-the-film sequence, and a great score for crashing horns and screaming Moog synthesizers by Psycho composer Bernard Herrmann.

SMALL CHANGE, (L’ARGENT DE POCHE), 1976, 104 min. Patrick befriends Julien, Sylvie rebels against her parents, a toddler falls from a window. There’s no real plot in this comedy drama that explores childhood in director Francois Truffaut’s signature, purely humanistic style. Filmed in a small town in the South of France with a non-professional cast, each vignette is seen from the point of view of a child. The story unfolds like a poem and slowly but sharply draws the line between children who come from loving families and children who don’t. Truffaut claims again "Life is hard, but it’s wonderful."

The quintessential skin flick of the 1970s makes a brand new appearance, in a fully restored (picture AND sound) version, with all the missing footage now put back! You've never seen The Stewardesses until you've seen this new restored version! Sorry, no one under 18 years of age will be admitted. ID required. Rated "X".

STRAW DOGS, 1971, Disney, 118 min. Dir. Sam Peckinpah. Extremely controversial upon its initial release, this tale of an intellectual pacifist (Dustin Hoffman), pushed to the limit by a sadistic, hard-drinking family of hooligans, was cut by several minutes in the U.S., including graphic footage of spouse Susan George's rape and the bone-jarring, blood-drenched climax, which softened the ferocious impact of Peckinpah’s allegory of supposedly-civilized humans reverting to their most primitive state. This is the uncut version. Discussion following with authors, Paul Seydor and David Weddle.

(from IMDB)
Rock and Roll singer is taken captive by a motorcycle gang in a strange world that seems to be a cross of the 1950's and the present or future. Her ex-boyfriend returns to town and to find her missing and goes to her rescue.

(from IMDB)
A lesbian vampire couple waylay and abduct various passer-byes, both male and female, to hold them captive at their rural manor in the English countryside in order to kill and feed on them to satisfy their insatiable thirst for blood

The first version of Welcome Danger was Harold Lloyd’s final silent film. This screening will premiere a new print with a newly recorded original score by Robert Israel, courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment.