a highly-opinionated selection of things happening around town, and sometimes out of town. this month's page here.

sun. nov. 1

windhand @ roxy
the creeping garden 1 PM @ arena cinema
corners, prettiest eyes @ echo
all day 16 mm horror marathon (titles TBA) NOON-10:00 PM @ secret sixteen @ creature features
halloween hangover: spooky cartoons & ice cream sandwitches 8 PM @ epfc
the quay brothers in 35mm @ aero
ian svenonius: censorship now! (presentation and q&a) 5 PM @ 356 mission
ten little indians (1974) 5:15 10:05 PM, murder on the orient express 7:30 PM @ new beverly

mon. nov. 2

small-gauge l.a. 8:30 PM @ redcat
the creeping garden 1 PM @ arena cinema
1971 (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) @ ida @ the landmark
spotlight @ aero
jeanne dielman 23 quai du commerce 1080 bruxelles @ silent movie theater
fogg @ the smell
murder on the orient express, ten little indians (1974) @ new beverly

tue. nov. 3

fuzz @ constellation room (santa ana)
veteran FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
akiyama / eubanks / kahn / nakamura @ redcat
the creeping garden 1 PM @ arena cinema
drunks thieves scoundrels and the history of american comedy @ silent movie theater
sullivan's travels 1 PM @ lacma
sherpa (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) @ ida @ the landmark
you've been trumped @ crest
snow falling on cedars FREE 1:30 PM @ skirball

wed. nov. 4

ian svenonius (lecture) FREE @ hammer
the creeping garden 1 PM @ arena cinema
citizen kane @ aero
the night holds terror, crime in the streets @ new beverly

thu. nov. 5

drinks @ the echo
the trial FREE 7 PM @ csun armer
the pink panther (1963) @ eat see hear @ laemmle noho 7
the creeping garden 1 PM @ arena cinema
the 39 steps (1935) FREE 6 PM @ santa monica library ocean park branch
dersu uzala FREE @ veggiecloud
the artist FREE (RSVP) @ grand performances @ california plaza
all the president's men, ace in the hole @ aero
home of the brave (w/ q&a) 7:15 PM @ silent movie theater
station to station (w/ live performance by sun araw) @ lacma
dig! (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
the life and mind of mark defriest (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) @ ida @ the landmark
one hundred mules walking the los angeles aqueduct 8 PM @ vidiots
the night holds terror, crime in the streets @ new beverly

fri. nov. 6

no home movie 3:30 PM FREE @ afi fest @ chinese 6
bus nut 4 PM FREE, field niggas @ afi fest @ chinese 3
the lobster FREE 6 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
stinking heaven FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
embrace of the serpent FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
rams FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
yellow fieber FREE 7 PM, those who feel the fire burning @ afi fest @ chinese 4
mountain FREE 7:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the clan FREE 9 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
chevalier FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
macbeth FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
james white FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
evolution FREE 9:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
shorts program one FREE 9:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
deerhoof @ echoplex
from here to eternity FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc sinatra
remorques, l'etrange monsieur victor @ ucla film archive
heart of a dog (w/ q&a) @ nuart
casablanca 8 PM @ rooftop film club @ montalban
blue sunshine 10:45 PM @ silent movie theater
timmy's organism @ satellite
spartacus @ laemmle royal
bombon FREE (6:00) @ record parlour
jackie brown MIDNIGHT @ new beverly

sat. nov. 7

evolution FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
land and shade FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the forbidden room FREE 2 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
stinking heaven FREE 2 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
disorder FREE 3:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
james white FREE 3:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
aferim! FREE 3:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
chevalier FREE 4:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
mustang FREE 6:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
shorts program two 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
right now wrong then FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
blood of my blood FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
the mysterious death of perola FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
krisha FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
where to invade next FREE @ afi fest @ egyptian
hitchcock/truffaut FREE 8 PM @ afi fest @ el capitan
a monster with a thousand heads FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
bad at dancing FREE 9:30 PM, funny bunny @ afi fest @ chinese 3
mountain FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
the red krayola @ redcat
fear and loathing in las vegas 8:30 PM @ crest
paths of glory @ ucla film archive
cast a dark shadow 7:45 PM (RSVP) @ starlight studio
criss cross FREE 2 PM @ l.a. library los feliz branch
the seeds: pushin' too hard 9 PM @ frida cinema (santa ana)
the loons @ cafe nela
heart of a dog (w/ q&a) @ nuart
zulus FREE @ permanent records
animation breakdown: fables & fairy tales 11:30 AM @ silent movie theater
rosemary's baby MIDNIGHT @ new beverly
true whispers: the story of the navajo code talkers FREE 2 PM @ l.a. library central branch

sun. nov. 8

a monster with a thousand heads FREE 12:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
the white knights FREE 12:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
mustang FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
krisha FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
landfill harmonic FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
no home movie FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
frankenstein's bride FREE 3:30 PM, the treasure @ afi fest @ chinese 5
bad at dancing FREE 3:30 PM, funny bunny @ afi fest @ chinese 2
blood of my blood FREE 3:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
disorder FREE 3:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
land and shade FREE 4:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
carol FREE 5 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
men go to battle FREE 6:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
dheepan FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
ixcanul FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
queen of the desert FREE 8:45 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
aferim! FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
mediterranea FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
bus nut FREE 9:30 PM, field niggas @ afi fest @ chinese 2
a war FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
der nachtmahr FREE 11:59 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
korla @ old town music hall
shark toys @ 2935 glenn ave
sunset boulevard 8 PM @ rooftop film club @ montalban
home of the brave 10:15 PM @ silent movie theater
some came running FREE (RSVP) 1:45 PM @ usc sinatra
the manchurian candidate (1962) FREE (RSVP) 8 PM @ usc sinatra
star wars episode iv (despecialized edition) FREE 7 PM @ reel grit @ afi ted ashley screening room

mon. nov. 9

tale of tales FREE 12 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
men go to battle FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
mediterranea FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
embrace of the serpent FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
carol FREE 3 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
ixcanul FREE 3:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
the mysterious death of perola FREE 4:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
maman(s) FREE 6:30 PM, until i lose my breath @ afi fest @ chinese 6
mynarski death plummet FREE 6:45 PM, h. @ afi fest @ chinese 2
son of saul FREE 8 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
tale of tales FREE 9 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
shorts program four FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
the club FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
right now wrong then FREE 9:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
post life @ bootleg
theeb FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc howard
heaven can wait @ ampas linwood dunn
cartel land (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) @ ida @ the landmark
ronaldo 7 PM @ crest

tue. nov. 10

der nachtmahr FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
maman(s) FREE 1 PM, until i lose my breath @ afi fest @ chinese 6
mynarski death plummet FREE 1:15 PM, h. @ afi fest @ chinese 3
son of saul FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
dheepan FREE 1:30 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
shorts program one FREE 3:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the club FREE 4:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
the lobster FREE 4:30 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
shorts program two FREE 6:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
sworn virgin FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
tuesday FREE 7 PM, songs my brothers taught me @ afi fest @ chinese 3
tracks FREE 7 PM, necktie youth @ afi fest @ chinese 4
last days in the desert FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
anomalisa FREE 8 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
the white knights FREE 9:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
e.t.e.r.n.i.t. FREE 10 PM, bob and the trees @ afi fest @ chinese 3
joanna gruesome @ the echo
an evening with peter mays FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
home of the brave @ silent movie theater
this gun for hire 1 PM @ lacma
devil's angels, the incubus (1982) @ new beverly
dazed and confused @ arclight hollywood

wed. nov. 11

anomalisa FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
tuesday FREE 1 PM, songs my brothers taught me @ afi fest @ chinese 2
rams FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
sworn virgin FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
yellow fieber FREE 1:30 PM, those who feel the fire burning @ afi fest @ chinese 3
macbeth FREE 3 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
the clan FREE 3:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
e.t.e.r.n.i.t. FREE 4 PM, bob and the trees @ afi fest @ chinese 6
tracks FREE 6:45 PM, necktie youth @ afi fest @ chinese 3
shorts program four FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
sembene! FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
45 years FREE @ afi fest @ tcl chinese
a war FREE 7:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
frankenstein's bride FREE 9:45 PM, the treasure @ afi fest @ chinese 3
widowspeak @ bootleg
the great dictator @ hollywood heritage museum
billy liar, the night porter @ aero
home of the brave 10:30 PM @ silent movie theater
half human half vapor expanded 8 PM @ epfc
mediterranea FREE (RSVP) @ usc broccoli
mikey & nicky, machine gun mccain @ new beverly
mustang (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) 7:15 PM @ indie focus @ sundance sunset
don't be bad (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ awardsline series @ landmark

thu. nov. 12

45 years FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
land and shade FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
last days in the desert FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
james white FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
don't be bad FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
mustang FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
shorts program (award winners) FREE 10 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
chimes at midnight FREE 7 PM @ csun armer
john cassavetes on television FREE 5 PM @ the crank @ ucla james bridges
blood simple FREE @ vidiots
dusty & sweets mcgee @ silent movie theater
daisy & max FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
action movies: kurt kren & valie export 7 PM @ moca grand
adrian tomine & tunde adebimpe @ skylight books
mikey & nicky, machine gun mccain @ new beverly
the brand new testament (w/ q&a, RSVP) @ awardsline screening series @ landmark
christmas vacation @ street food cinema @ palace theatre
fight club @ eat see hear @ laemmle noho 7
susan cianciolo early films FREE 7 PM @ 356 mission

fri. nov. 13

smog @ this is the city: symposium opening night @ ucla film archive
jon brion @ largo
an evening with michael mann 7 PM @ vidiots
suspiria MIDNIGHT @ nuart
dangerous men MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater
native shorts 8 PM @ epfc
hausu 10 PM @ crest
daisies 7:45 PM @ silent movie theater

sat. nov. 14

out 1: noli me tangere - day one 11 AM @ super long movie club @ silent movie theater
the outlaw josey wales 1:30 PM @ autry
this is the city: symposium day two 10 AM @ ucla film archive
revisiting ralph story's los angeles @ this is the city: symposium closing night @ ucla film archive
dangerous men MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater
frenkel defects 8 PM @ epfc
ten little indians (1956), murder by death @ new beverly
the water and the wall 8:30 PM, voyagers without trace FREE @ doc la @ ucla james bridges
la commune (paris 1871) FREE (RSVP) 2 PM @ human resources @ 1009 n. madison ave.

sun. nov. 15

out 1: noli me tangere - day two NOON @ super long movie club @ silent movie theater
spirits of rebellion: black cinema from ucla 3 PM @ ucla film archive
passing through 7 PM @ ucla film archive
hepcat @ el rey
rick prelinger: no more road trips? @ downtown independent
dangerous men 8:45 PM @ silent movie theater
brent weinbach @ the smell
xperimental xchange: open city cinema's 'winnipeg handshake' 8 PM @ epfc
westworld (w/ q&a) 1 PM @ ace hotel
telecaves @ handbag factory
star wars episode v (despecialized edition) FREE 7 PM @ reel grit @ afi ted ashley screening room
remembering the pentagons NOON, counting FREE @ doc la @ ucla james bridges
out on the street FREE (RSVP) 5:30 PM @ human resources @ 1009 n. madison ave.

mon. nov. 16

low @ troubadour
rick prelinger: lost landscapes of los angeles 8:30 PM @ redcat
the barefoot contessa, letter from an unknown woman @ ucla film archive
the brand new testament @ egyptian

tue. nov. 17

instructions for living in bodies FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
mr. holmes (w/ q&a) @ aero
the glass key 1 PM @ lacma
the look of silence (w/ q&a) 7 PM @ vidiots
only the dead see the end of war (w/ q&a) 8:30 PM FREE (RSVP) @ ida @ the landmark

wed. nov. 18

ucla game arts festival @ hammer
no age @ the echo
la ciel est a vous @ ucla film archive
brian auger trio @ blue whale
the trip @ vista theatre

thu. nov. 19

the immortal story FREE 7 PM @ csun armer
vodka lemon FREE @ hammer
woggles @ alex's bar (long beach)
strangers on a train FREE 2 PM @ santa monica library montana branch
johnny got his gun, lonely are the brave @ aero
northern light: experimental works from the great north 8 PM @ epfc
retro shorts: 16mm films from usc's hefner moving image archive FREE 4 PM @ l.a. library hollywood branch
battle royale @ eat see hear @ laemmle noho 7
joan of arc of mongolia FREE @ veggiecloud
the man who disappeared FREE 7 PM @ 356 mission

fri. nov. 20

ephemera(l) city: los angeles in travelogues, industrial films & amateur movies @ ucla film archive
blade runner (final cut) MIDNIGHT @ nuart
the clan @ egyptian
holly golightly & the brokeoffs @ redwood
jackie brown MIDNIGHT @ new beverly
the man on the flying trapeze 8:15 PM @ old town music hall
thief 7 PM, manhunter @ new beverly
james white (w/ q&a) 7:35 PM @ arclight hollywood
finders keepers 8 PM @ vidiots annex

sat. nov. 21

antibalas @ regent
pattes blanches @ ucla film archive
clue FREE 12:30 PM @ santa monica library main branch
rushmore @ cinespia @ palace theatre
a fistful of fingers MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater
new works salon xxx 8 PM @ epfc
matinee 2 PM @ new beverly
the fury MIDNIGHT @ new beverly
cafe society 7:45 PM (RSVP) @ starlight studio
dr. jekyll and mr. hyde (1931) FREE 1 PM @ l.a. library central branch
the man on the flying trapeze 2:30 8:15 PM @ old town music hall
saccharine trust, mike watt & the missingmen @ cafe nela
thief 7 PM, manhunter @ new beverly
mind meld @ the lost room
james white (w/ q&a) 7:35 PM @ arclight hollywood
carol (w/ q&a) 7:15 PM @ landmark
finders keepers 8 PM @ vidiots annex

sun. nov. 22

true widow, king woman @ the echo
the times of harvey milk FREE 7 PM @ ucla film archive
pandoras, woggles @ satellite
tabu: a story of the south seas 3 PM, legong: dance of the virgins @ ucla film archive
holly golightly & the brokeoffs @ alex's bar long beach
douglas fairbanks shorts 2 PM @ egyptian
art from assassination: 52 years after jfk @ filmforum @ spielberg @ egyptian
matinee 2 PM @ new beverly
the man on the flying trapeze 2:30 PM @ old town music hall
saddle the wind 5:30 9:30 PM, the killers (1964) 7:30 PM @ new beverly
star wars episode vi (despecialized edition) FREE 7 PM @ reel grit @ afi ted ashley screening room
carol (w/ q&a) 2:15 PM @ arclight hollywood
james white (w/ q&a) 5:50 PM @ arclight hollywood
finders keepers 8 PM @ vidiots annex

mon. nov. 23

songs from the north 8:30 PM @ redcat
stink! FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc howard
the killers (1964), saddle the wind @ new beverly

tue. nov. 24

la source FREE @ hammer
the blue dahlia 1 PM @ lacma
wayne's world @ arclight hollywood
a reason to live a reason to die, the five man army, it can be done... amigo! @ new beverly
the wonders FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark

wed. nov. 25

dangerous men MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater

thu. nov. 26

high fidelity FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ eatseehear @ regent theatre

fri. nov. 27

monty python and the holy grail MIDNIGHT @ nuart
rear window @ egyptian
jackie brown MIDNIGHT @ new beverly
laurel & hardy festival 8:15 PM @ old town music hall
the dirty dozen @ new beverly
rocco and his brothers 3:30 7:30 PM @ silent movie theater
dangerous men MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater

sat. nov. 28

three stooges shorts 2:00 8:00 PM @ alex theatre
more films from 1911 @ retro format @ spielberg @ egyptian
inherent vice MIDNIGHT @ new beverly
laurel & hardy festival 2:30 8:15 PM @ old town music hall
the dirty dozen @ new beverly
rocco and his brothers 8:30 PM @ silent movie theater
escape from new york MIDNIGHT @ silent movie theater

sun nov. 29

neil hamburger @ satellite
spartacus @ aero
laurel & hardy festival 2:30 PM @ old town music hall
two-minute warning 6:30 PM, capone (1975) @ new beverly
jafar panahi's taxi 8 PM @ crest
rocco and his brothers 3:30 7:30 PM @ silent movie theater

mon. nov. 30

a face in the crowd, the naked kiss @ ucla film archive
two-minute warning, capone (1975) @ new beverly
planes trains and automobiles 7:20 PM @ arclight sherman oaks
rocco and his brothers 3:30 PM @ silent movie theater

tue. dec. 1

freeway: crack in the system FREE @ hammer
go for broke FREE 1:30 PM @ skirball
mistress america FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
die hard 7 PM @ arclight santa monica
die hard @ arclight hollywood
rocco and his brothers 2:30 9:45 PM @ silent movie theater
aferim! (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) @ awardsline @ landmark
stir crazy, see no evil hear no evil @ new beverly

wed. dec. 2

daniel bachman @ echo
the karate kid (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
rocco and his brothers 2:30 PM @ silent movie theater

thu. dec. 3

f for fake FREE 7 PM @ csun armer
gremlins @ laemmle noho 7
lois weber in early hollywood @ ampas linwood dunn
eugene chadbourne @ coaxial
macbeth (2015) FREE (RSVP) 7 PM @ usc stark
2001: a space odyssey 7 PM @ arclight santa monica
christmas vacation 8 PM @ arclight culver city
telecaves, tara jane o'neil @ pehrspace

fri. dec. 4

dusty and sweets mcgee @ ucla film archive
psycho MIDNIGHT @ nuart
the final passage: chauvet-pont d'arc cave FREE (RSVP) 7 PM  @ getty center
where to invade next (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) 2 PM @ usc stark

sat. dec. 5

tillie's punctured romance 3 PM, safety last! @ ucla film archive

sun. dec. 6

wanda 7 PM, shadows @ ucla film archive
back to the future trilogy (w/ q&a) FREE (RSVP) NOON @ usc sinatra
raiders of the lost ark 5:30 PM @ arclight santa monica

mon. dec. 7

clueless 7 PM @ arclight santa monica

tue. dec. 8

sea lions @ satellite
bad day at black rock FREE 1:30 PM @ skirball

wed. dec. 9

east los angeles and the chicano moratorium FREE @ ucla film archive
killer of sheep FREE @ union station
reservoir dogs 7 PM @ arclight santa monica

thu. dec. 10

spaceballs @ eat see hear @ laemmle noho 7
paris blues 8:30 PM @ redcat
scrooged 8 PM @ arclight culver city

fri. dec. 11

m (1931) @ lacma
bless their little hearts, please don't bury me alive! @ ucla film archive
casablanca MIDNIGHT @ nuart
the bug (feat. earth & liz harris), william basinski @ masonic lodge @ hollywood forever

sat. dec. 12

the last laugh (1924, w/ live accompaniment) @ lacma
the big sleep, double indemnity @ ucla film archive

sun. dec. 13

kiss me deadly 7 PM, m (1951) @ ucla film archive

mon. dec. 14

mike kelley: single channel videos 8:30 PM @ redcat
los angeles in the newsreels @ ucla film archive
the king of kong: a fistful of quarters 8 PM @ arclight hollywood

tue. dec. 15

the color of pomegranates FREE @ hammer
fast times at ridgemont high 7 PM @ arclight santa monica

thu. dec. 17

big trouble in little china @ eat see hear @ laemmle noho 7

fri. dec. 18

jon brion @ largo
colleen green @ echo

sun. dec. 27

neil hamburger @ satellite
koszulinski films FREE 7 PM @ beyond baroque

wed. dec. 30

mystic braves @ echo

mon. jan. 11

and when i die i won't stay dead 8:30 PM @ redcat


Action Movies: Kurt Kren & VALIE EXPORT
Los Angeles Filmforum is proud to present a program of films and videos by Kurt Kren and VALIE EXPORT. Early in his remarkable career, Kren trained his camera and emerging hyper-rapid editing technique on Viennese Actionists Guenter Brus and Otto Muehl, but Kren’s films depart from straight documentation by using editing as both a constructive and destructive force. Quickly cutting between fragmented actions creates an incredible barrage of images moving forward and back in time. Later in the decade, VALIE EXPORT would begin staging her important, and often incendiary, contributions to Viennese performance art. Staging actions on the street and for the camera, EXPORT problematized many of the assumptions of the actions that preceded her while forging a new feminist language of art and image making.
* 6/64: Mama und Papa (Materialaktion Otto Mühl) By Kurt Kren.  1964, 16mm, color, silent, 4 minutes
* 7/64: Leda und der Schwan (Materialaktion: Otto Muehl) By Kurt Kren. 1964 16mm, color, silent, 3 minutes
* 8/64: Ana (Aktion Brus) By Kurt Kren. 1964, 16mm, black and white, silent, 3 minutes
* 9/64: O Tannenbaum (Materialaktion: Otto Muehl) By Kurt Kren. 1964, 16mm, color, silent, 3 minutes
* 10A/65: Silberaktion Brus, By Kurt Kren. 1965, 16mm, black and white, silent, 2 minutes           
* 10/65: Selbstverstuemmelung (Self-Mutilation) By Kurt Kren. 1965, 16mm, black and white, silent, 6 minutes
* 13/67: Sinus Beta. By Kurt Kren. 1967, 16mm, black and white, silent, 6 minutes
* Tapp und Tastkino (Touch Cinema) By VALIE EXPORT. 1968, Video converted to digital file, black and white, sound, 1 minute
* Mann & Frau & Animal (Man & Woman & Animal) By VALIE EXPORT. 1973, 16mm, color, sound, 10 minutes
* ...Remote...Remote... By VALIE EXPORT. 1973, 16mm, color, sound, 12 min.

This Romanian Western is an odyssey through the landscape of feudal Eastern Europe, following a father and son on a mission to find a gypsy. DIR Radu Jude. SCR Radu Jude, Florin Lazarescu. CAST Teodor Corban, Mihai Comanoiu, Cuzin Toma, Alexandru Dabija, Alexandru Bindea, Lumini?a Gheorghiu, Victor Rebengiuc, Alberto Dinache, Mihaela Sîrbu. Romania/Bulgaria/Czech Republic

And When I Die I Won't Stay Dead
Billy Woodberry introduces the US premiere of his long-awaited new film And When I Die I Won’t Stay Dead, a feature-length documentary about jazz-inspired beat poet Bob Kaufman, sometimes called the “black American Rimbaud." Woodberry’s landmark 1984 film Bless Their Little Hearts was honored with a jury award at the Berlin International Film Festival and was selected for preservation by the National Film Registry. The program begins with Marseille après la guerre, a short montage crafted from images found in a longshoremen’s union hall.

This month will feature selections from Silly Symphonies, Looney Tunes, Adventure Time, Mother Goose, Grimm and more, rife with princesses, warriors, dragons, wizards, giants, golden geese and mermaids! These magical tales—spanning decades—will grace the big screen for our celebration of the fun, the funny, and the fractured fairy tales of old. Kick off your weekend in style, and live happily ever after with Cinefamily Jr! Come in your PJs and enjoy our cereal bar with custom cereal mixes!

Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson’s unique tale of isolation and interior life centers on a customer service guru who spends a bizarre night in Cincinnati.

Art from Assassination: 52 Years after JFK
On the fifty-second anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Filmforum takes a look at some of the artistic responses to the events of that weekend. Overall, the show distills the evolution of art and politics in America since that fateful day. SCREENING:
* Faces of November, By Robert Drew. 1964, 16mm, b& w, sound, 11 min. Robert Drew’s fourth film on President Kennedy, “Faces of November” is a view of reactions to President Kennedy’s funeral as reflected in the faces of participants and onlookers on November 24-25, 1963.  “Faces of November” was the first film to win two first prizes at the Venice Film Festival, one each in the theatrical and television categories.  – Drew Associates 
* Report, by Bruce Conner. 1967, 16mm presented digitally, b&w, sound, 13 min.
* Under the Juggernaut, By Robert Russett. 1969, 16mm, color, sound, 9 min. 
* Television Assassination, By Bruce Conner. 1963-1995, USA 16mm, b/w, sound, 14 min.
* The Eternal Frame, By T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm. 1975, b&w and color, sound, 23:50 min. The Eternal Frame is an examination of the role that the media plays in the creation of (post) modern historical myths. For T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm, the iconic event that signified the ultimate collusion of historical spectacle and media image was the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. T.R. Uthco and Ant Farm construct a multilevelled event that is simultaneously a live performance spectacle, a taped re-enactment of the assassination, a mock documentary, and, perhaps most insidiously, a simulation of the Zapruder film itself. Performed in Dealey Plaza in Dallas — the actual site of the assassination — the re-enactment elicits bizarre responses from the spectators, who react to the simulation as though it were the original event.
* Underworld and Zapruder.  A special final performance merging a spoken performance of text from Don DeLillo's Underworld with an edited version of the Zapruder film, the best document of the assassination of JFK, a regular 8mm film by Abraham Zapruder, with spoken performance.  Originally premiered at the Telluride Film Festival in 2013. 

The Barefoot Contessa  (1954)
Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz' study of the postwar film industry is an indictment of an empty and destructive system, distilled to the story of one character: Ava Gardner's "Maria," a nightclub dancer from Madrid, coaxed to unhappy movie stardom for her great beauty.  Told in flashbacks, the film charts Maria's hurtling journey into the vortex of fame, a story that gives Gardner perhaps her greatest role. 35mm, color, 128 min.  Production: Figaro, Inc.  Distribution: United Artists.  Producer: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.  Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.  Screenwriter: Joseph L. Mankiewicz.  Cinematographer: Jack Cardiff.  Editor: William Hornbeck.  Composer: Mario Nascimbene.  With: Humphrey Bogart, Ava Gardner, Edmond O'Brien, Marius Goring, Valentina Cortesa.

1963, Rialto Pictures, 98 min, UK, Dir: John Schlesinger
Tom Courtenay is wonderful as the frustrated, imaginative young man prone to flights of fancy - which also lead him to lie about nearly everything, whether he feels he needs to or not. This gets him in hot water with his stern father and his two very different girlfriends, not to mention his undertaker bosses, though his fast wit make his ambitions as scriptwriter for a TV host seem almost plausible. But when finally confronted with an opportunity to leave home and go to London with free-spirited friend Julie Christie (in her stunning feature film debut), we’re left to wonder whether Billy’s Walter Mitty-ish dreams are models for the future or an escape from reality. Program also features a conversation between Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling in person, following the first feature.

Bless Their Little Hearts  (1984)
Named to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress in 2013, Billy Woodberry’s magnificent feature represents the closure and pinnacle of a neorealist strand within the “L.A. Rebellion” school of Black filmmakers. Chronicling the psychological and spiritual toll experienced by a family in the throes of economic hardship and underemployment—and seeking a dignified way to live and be happy—the film also constitutes a felicitous creative collaboration between Woodberry and screenwriter-cinematographer Charles Burnett.
35mm, b/w, 84 min. Producer: Billy Woodberry. Director: Billy Woodberry. Screenwriter: Charles Burnett. Cinematographer: Charles Burnett. Editor: Billy Woodberry. With: Nate Hardman, Kaycee Moore, Angela Burnett, Ronald Burnett, Kimberly Burnett.

In this dual narrative, lust plays out in a 17th-century convent and a modern-day count lives a bizarre life within those same walls. DIR Marco Bellocchio. SCR Marco Bellocchio. CAST Roberto Herlitzka, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Lidiya Liberman, Fausto Russo Alesi, Alba Rohrwacher, Federica Fracassi, Alberto Cracco, Bruno Cariello, Toni Bertorelli, Filippo Timi, Elena Bellocchio, Ivan Franek, Patrizia Bettini, Sebastiano Filocamo, Alberto Bellocchio. Italy/France/Switzerland. U.S. Premiere

Jeff Lieberman, while not a household name, has nevertheless crafted some memorable horror films in his decades-spanning career, the most memorable of which is arguably Blue Sunshine. One of the wildest in the hippie horror subgenre, it concerns the fallout from an Electric Kool Aid acid test that resurfaces years later in the form of balding, murderous maniacs. Slathered in that awesome 70s 16mm grime, the film is equal parts horrifying and humorous, anchored by the central performance from sleaze-peddling auteur and future 9 1/2 Weeks director Zalman King. Only in recent years has the masterpiece that is Blue Sunshine begun to be appreciated, so you don’t want to miss your chance to dose up and take this rare and freaky trip, with Lieberman in person! Get in the spirit of the film and shave your head (COMPLETELY) for free admission! Dir. Jeff Lieberman, 1978, 4K DCP Restoration, 94 min.

A middle-aged logger gambles his personal and professional livelihood on harvesting an unyielding piece of land. DIR Diego Ongaro. SCR Diego Ongaro, Courtney Maum, Sasha Statman-Weil. CAST Bob Tarasuk, Matt Gallagher, Polly MacIntyre, Richard Bradley, Winthrop Barrett. USA. Preceded By: E.T.E.R.N.I.T. - A Tunisian immigrant working in asbestos removal must make a radical choice in the name of his family.

2015, 113 min, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Dir: Jaco Van Dormael
According to director Jaco Van Dormael’s (MR. NOBODY, TOTO THE HERO) surreal satire, those hoping to find God should focus their search on an apartment building in Brussels, where the deity (Benoit Poelvoorde) spends his days making human life more difficult. His daughter (Pili Groyne) hopes to put a stop to this and sets off to recruit some new apostles (Catherine Deneuve among them). “A religiously incorrect but irresistibly funny work of the imagination.” - Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter. In French with English subtitles.

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara give luminous performances in Todd Haynes’ gorgeous love story set in postwar New York City.

In this wonderfully absurdist farce, six men at sea play a strange game that measures every aspect of who they are. DIR Athina Rachel Tsangari. SCR Athina Rachel Tsangari, Efthimis Filippou. CAST Yorgos Kentros, Panos Koronis, Vangelis Mourikis, Makis Papadimitriou, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, Sakis Rouvas, Yiannis Drakopoulos, Nikos Orfanos, Kostas Philippoglou. Greece

Chimes at Midnight (1965), 119 mins.
Welles's lifelong fascination with the relationship between Prince Hal and William Shakespeare’s recurring fictional character Sir John Falstaff, played by Welles himself, made it to the big screen in a production Welles cited as his favorite and most personal film. Initially dismissed by critics, Chimes at Midnight (also known as Falstaff) is now regarded as one of Welles’s greatest cinematic achievements.

2015, Fox International Productions, 110 min, Argentina, Dir: Pablo Trapero
Old habits die hard: The “disappearances” that marked the Videla regime in Argentina continued after the dictator’s fall in 1981, but the motive changed from politics to money. Arquimedes Puccio (Guillermo Francella, brilliantly cold-blooded here), kidnapped wealthy men and women and held them for ransom in his home, using domineering control over his family and - for a time - the tacit protection of police to do it. This riveting true story boasts great period detail (including a truly inspired soundtrack) and shocking violence, and was a huge box office hit in Argentina. In Spanish with English subtitles. Argentina’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.

At a bucolic seaside home for aging priests, the arrival of a new member unearths long-buried secrets about the Catholic Church. DIR Pablo Larraín. SCR Guillermo Calderón, Daniel Villalobos, Pablo Larraín. CAST Alfredo Castro, Roberto Farías, Antonia Zegers, Jaime Vadell, Alejandro Goic. Chile

In fifteen linked chapters shot in locations ranging from Moscow to New York to Istanbul, "Counting" merges city symphony, diary film, and personal/political essay to create a vivid portrait of contemporary life. Perhaps the most personal of Cohen's films, Counting measures street life, light and time, noting not only surveillance and overdevelopment but resistance and its phantoms as manifested in music, animals and everyday magic. DIR. Jem Cohen, 1 hour 51 min.

In 1973, a blob-like substance that appeared to be a cross between a fungus and an animal surfaced in Texas, causing some to speculate whether it was a form of alien life. But in fact we were being introduced to plasmodial slime mould: a rare and resilient organism bolstered by a primitive intelligence that treks slowly around forests. Featuring stunning macroscopic time-lapse footage, The Creeping Garden is a science-non-fiction odyssey that takes us through petri dishes, fungariums and mazes as a cadre of scientists, artists and designers collaborate with the mould to make musical compositions, project future population shifts and re-imagine the textures of our world. A provocative inquest into human curiosity and our creative interface with the world, Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp’s film, which features a score from the virtuosic Jim O’Rourke, is a vibrant cinematic cabinet of curiosities that will leave you giddy and delirious with wonder.

Daisies is a bubbling and buoyant spring of irrepressible female creativity; it is an overflowing audio-visual bouquet of color, music and texture; it is a freewheeling and effervescent farce, a formal free-for-all, a paradoxical mixture of bourgeois indulgence and cultural critique, and it’s your next favorite movie. Two young Czech girls (both named Marie) decide that the world is so corrupt that they might as well join in, and they do so with wild abandon — prancing, food-fighting, pranking old men, carousing in nightclubs and creating anarchy everywhere they go. Director Vera Chytilova’s love of cinema’s potential is both playful and palpable, as exuberant as the spirit of the two “daisies” whose misadventures have surprising weight and meaning. Banned upon its release by the Czech government, Daisies has become a major cult favorite thanks to its dazzling setpieces, charismatic and fashionable art-girl heroines, and an infectious sense of fun that’s as potent today as it was when it first premiered behind the Iron Curtain. Dir. Vera Chytilova, 1966, Digital Presentation, 74 min.

Set in the part of L.A. popularly known as South Central, Daisy & Max explores the world of gang violence intervention workers, the long shadows of mass incarceration on families and children, and the lives of Latina and African American women who will risk everything to make their communities just a little safer.
As a teenager, Daisy watched her sister get shot to death in the driveway of her family house’s, and Max was in and out of gangs and prison before changing his life. Now they work as a team, intervening in street violence and gang disputes before they turn deadly - all while raising a new baby. But when Max’s past brings the FBI to their door and he suddenly disappears into the federal prison system, Daisy must fight – like never before – to save her family. Daisy & Max was commissioned for Al Jazeera America Presents, an original series featuring provocative, timely documentaries and series for acclaimed filmmakers around the globe. Running time: 53 minutes. In English and Spanish, with English subtitles. Followed by a Q&A Daisy Gomez and Jennifer Maytorena Taylor

Forgot Troll 2, forget the collective works of Ed Wood, forget The Visitor, forget Birdemic — Dangerous Men is THE holiest of all Holyfuckingshits. Trying to describe this film to those who haven’t seen it is a nearly pointless exercise — even its late director John S. Rad himself relied on a cacophony of mixed adjectives in his great tagline: “An unforgettable comedy suspense, mystery drama” (not our comma). In its initial mysterious one-week L.A. theatrical run back in 2005, in which it was booked into EIGHT theaters in the same Los Angeles arthouse chain, this inexplicable-in-every-way film was viewed by literally about 50 people. These intrepid viewers, whenever they run into each other at a party or BBQ, will swap stories like veterans of a great war battle, eagerly recounting practically every scene in the picture in minute detail to each other, in no particular order of awesomeness, savoring every memory. Just for you (and us), we’ve plucked the film again from the clutches of oblivion to give to you one of the most singularly unique movie experiences you’ve had in years, so that you too may join the cult, and find yourself muttering the code words “Dangerous Men” to strangers. Dir. John S. Rad, 2005, 35mm, 80 min.

A teenage girl who experiences severe nightmares makes a meaningful connection with a strange creature that has been haunting her. DIR AKIZ. SCR AKIZ. CAST Carolyn Genzkow, Kim Gordon, Julika Jenkins, Arnd Klawitter, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht, Alexander Scheer, Sina Tkotsch. Germany

In this 2015 Cannes Palme d’Or winner, a refugee concocts a fake family to gain passage to France — but his violent past still haunts him. DIR Jacques Audiard. SCR Noé Debré, Thomas Bidegain, Jacques Audiard. CAST Jesuthasan Antonythasan, Kalieaswari Srinivasan, Claudine Vinasithamby, Vincent Rottiers, Marc Zinga. France

Matthias Schoenaerts plays an ex-soldier who becomes locked in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with ski-masked home invaders at a wealthy estate. DIR Alice Winocour. SCR Alice Winocour. CAST Matthias Schoenaerts, Diane Kruger, Paul Hamy, Zaïd Errougui-Demonsant, Percy Kemp, Victor Pontecorvo, Mickaël Daubert, Franck Torrecillas, Chems Eddine, Philippe Haddad, Jean-Louis Coulloc’h. France/Belgium

Set in the drug-fueled scene of the mid-‘90s, Italy’s entry for the 2015 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar follows a pair of hard-partying friends whose world is thrown into question by the arrival of an alluring woman. Dir. Claudio Caligari, 2015.

Douglas Fairbanks Shorts
Join us for an afternoon of short films featuring one of silent cinema’s greatest icons, Douglas Fairbanks! Historian Tracey Goessel will introduce the shorts and provide background on where the star was in his career when these rarely screened films were made. More information to be announced. 80 min.

A tour of rare clips from the vaults that will change how you look at comedy. From Richard Pryor singing the blues to Don Rickles parodies of Midnight Cowboy and from Bill Cosby lecturing kids about drugs to Fred Willard’s comedy routine about porn theaters, this night will surprise and amuse you with the deepest, weirdest comedy cuts you ever saw. The night will close with a completely lost verite portrait from the 60s not seen in over 50 years! Vice Magazine calls Kliph Nesteroff “The Human Encyclopedia of Comedy.” Plus surprise guests, surprise clips and books for sale!

During the summer of 1970 director Floyd Mutrux worked with a group of using and recovering heroin addicts (including ex-cons, hustlers and college dropouts) to create this stellar docu-fiction, composed of interviews and reenactments—a true collaboration with his subjects. Day-glo nights and hazy afternoons are photographed in exacting yet gentle detail, creating visually stunning and deeply felt portraits of these junkies and their Los Angeles stomping ground. “It’s the film everyone has been trying to make since: free, fragmentary, bursting with life.” (Thom Andersen). Don’t miss this rare chance to see it in beautiful 35mm! Dir. Floyd Mutrux, 1971, 35mm, 92 min.
Join songwriter and sixth-generation Californian Cass McCombs for a live set and presentation of Dusty and Sweets McGee. (Nov. 12 screening only.)  In-person: Floyd Mutrux. (Dec. 4 screening only)

East Los Angeles and the Chicano Moratorium
On August 29, 1970 in East Los Angeles, a peaceful march of more than 20,000 Chicanos, united in protest against the Vietnam War as part of the Chicano Moratorium movement, was violently interrupted by a massive law enforcement response.  The tragic events of that day left three dead, including prominent Mexican American journalist and activist, Ruben Salazar (1928-1970).  In recognition of the 45th anniversary of the march, we present an eclectic selection of short works that explore the Chicano Moratorium, its aftermath, and the people and culture of East Los Angeles from various perspectives.
* Cinco Vidas (Five Lives)  (1973) - KNBC, 1/1/1973. Five residents of East Los Angeles—a grandmother, a principal, an attorney, a mother and a gardener—are profiled in this rich tapestry of a culturally vibrant and politically engaged community.
* The Murals of East Los Angeles: (A Museum Without Walls)  (1977) - An important early documentary snapshot of the Chicano mural movement that highlights the murals of Ramona Gardens and the work of artists such as Richard Ruiz, David Botello, Eduardo Ortiz and others.
* The Chicano Moratorium: A Question of Freedom  (1971) - An on-the-ground account of the events of August 29, 1970 at Laguna Park and their immediate aftermath directed by Thomas Myrdahl, then a student at Loyola Marymount. 

This hypnotic epic follows the journey of a shaman and a German explorer in the Colombian Amazon. DIR Ciro Guerra. SCR Ciro Guerra, Jacques Toulemonde Vidal. CAST Jan Bijvoet, Brionne Davis, Nilbio Torres, Antonio Bolívar, Yauenkü Miguee. Colombia/Venezuela/Argentina

Ephemera(l) City: Los Angeles in Travelogues, Industrial Films & Amateur Movies
Booster dreams and noirish visions comingle in tonight’s program covering almost 60 years of Los Angeles history as seen through a selection of travelogues, industrial films and amateur movies.  Between the Ford Motor Company’s silent-era portrait of a booming young metropolis and the DWP’s early 1970s promotion of an imminent, water-drenched Pacific Rim economic explosion, street-level views of Depression-era Downtown and the end of the Pacific Electric railway capture the ever-shifting landscapes and fortunes of the city. Live musical accompaniment provided by Cliff Retallick for the silent portion of this program. Total running time of program:  approx. 120 min.
* A Visit to Los Angeles  (1916) - The Ford Motor Company presents a silent tour of Los Angeles as part of “Visits to American Cities,” a segment included in Ford Educational Weekly, its free, weekly film “magazine.” DigiBeta, b/w, silent, 11 min.  Production: Ford Motor Company.
* Hollywood, City of Celluloid  (1932) - The glamorous side of Hollywood is the subject of this tour of studio backlots and hillside bungalows. 35mm, b/w, 8 min.  Producer: Sten Nordenskiöld.  Screenwriter: C. Court Treatt.  Cinematographer: Sten Nordenskiöld.  With: Robert Swan (narrator).
* Citywatchers—Excerpt: “Earle O’ Day Film of Downtown LA c. 1935”  (1974) - Los Angeles Times film critic and Citywatchers host Charles Champlin narrates a short film shot by publicist Earle O'Day, who contemplates various scenes of Downtown people and places while composing a letter about Los Angeles to family back in St. Joseph, Missouri. BetaSP, b/w, 12 min.  With: Charles Champlin, Art Seidenbaum
* The Last Red Cars  (1963) - Local rail enthusiast Dub Harkey produced this silent ode to the Pacific Electric streetcars, a.k.a. the Red Car, shot on the last day of their service. 16mm, b/w, silent, 20 min.  Producer: Dub Harkey.  Director: Dub Harkey.
* Expedition Los Angeles: While the City Sleeps  (1961) - KABC. This episode of a short-lived local public service program presents a noir-tinged look at the city after dark. 16mm, b/w, 30 min.  Producer: Stanley Z. Cherry.  Screenwriter: Saul Halpert.  Editor: Bob Collins.  With: Lee Zimmer (narrator).
* Subject: Los Angeles (c. 1970) - An epic industrial paean to the natural resources, industry, culture and spirit of Los Angeles circa 1970, this DWP promotional film almost makes you want to live here! 16mm, color, 27 min.  Production: Department of Water and Power.  Producer: Richard J. Soltys.  Director: Richard J. Soltys. Screenwriter: Don Livingston.  Cinematographer: Dan Yarussi.  Editor: Dick Bansbach.

* DEATH OF THE GORILLA - experimental short, 16mm, 1965-66, 16 minutes. A sight/sound combine of exotic imagery shot semi-randomly in superimposition off a TV and then cut to make a fast moving but extremely ambiguous "story". GORILLA moves through modern man's myth mind like a runaway train bursting at the seams. Prize at Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1967.
* THE STAR CURTAIN TANTRA - experimental short, 16mm, 1965-69, 18 minutes. A trance film originally released in 1966 as THE STAR CURTAIN, about the settling and relaxation of the senses after a climax. "Sentences" of cosmic imagery were added in 1969 to form the vision glimpsed in the trance. Dialectic opposition of picture and sound. TANTRA played at the San Francisco Film Festival of 1970.
* THE TIME BEYOND THOUGHT - experimental feature (incomplete), 16mm, 1966-2000, 23 minutes. The sixties kids are hanging out. An Angel appears who stops time. The kids follow him into an underground fantasy. They go through numerous adventures (only one "sleeper" scene was shot), and wind up at the center of the earth. Here the Angel sedates each kid and then kills himself. From the Angel's blood arises a naked vampire girl who slits each kid's throat. Then the god of the underworld raises the kids as zombies preparatory to eating them. One girl escapes to tell the tale.
* SISTER MIDNIGHT - experimental feature, 16mm, 1967-74, 65 minutes. Five young adults meet on a rainy night in Los Angeles and enter as a group into a series of dreams. Various adventures occur. Sister Midnight allows one of the guys to enter her mind; as a result of this invasion of her privacy, she is reborn.

On an island inhabited only by women and boys, a 10-year-old receiving strange medical treatment investigates the horrific things the women do at night. DIR Lucile Hadžihalilovic. SCR Lucile Hadžihalilovic, Alanté Kavaïté, Geoff Cox. CAST Max Brebant, Roxane Duran, Julie-Marie Parmentier. France

A Face in the Crowd  (1957)
Director Elia Kazan's second collaboration with screenwriter Budd Schulberg after On the Waterfront (1954) is a corrosive attack on the ascendant medium of television.  Andy Griffith, in his screen debut, plays Lonesome Rhodes, a charismatic, guitar-picking hillbilly-turned-TV star, eventually becoming a power-mad demagogue.  Hyperbolic, energetic and in many ways prophetic, the film indicts both television and the cult of personality in postwar America. 
35mm, b/w, 132 min.  Production: Newton Productions, Inc.  Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc.  Producer: Elia Kazan.  Director: Elia Kazan.  Based on the short story “Your Arkansas Traveler” by Budd Schulberg.  Screenwriter: Budd Schulberg.  Cinematographer: Harry Stradling, Gayne Rescher.  Editor: Gene Milford.  Composer: Tom Glazer.  With: Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal, Anthony Franciosa, Walter Matthau, Lee Remick.

Khalik Allah’s stylized documentary chronicles summer nights spent at the intersection of  125th Street and Lexington Avenue in Harlem. DIR Khalik Allah. USA. Preceded By: BUS NUT - The 1955 Montgomery bus boycott articulated as an educational video on school bus safety.

The Final Passage: Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave
The US premiere of The Final Passage, a twenty-eight minute single sequence-shot film offering an immersive and cinematic journey in 3D through the Chauvet-Pont d'Arc Cave in France. Established as one of the world’s most ancient rock art sites, dating back 37,000 years, Chauvet is considered by many to be the birthplace of art, a symbol of our exceptional creative human legacy. The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion on the making of this film, the preservation of the site, and the archeology of rock art.

When his amputated leg is discovered in a grill sold at a North Carolina auction, John Wood finds himself at the center of a worldwide media frenzy. Believing the new-found attention to be his chance at doing some great things in an otherwise disappointing, wayward life, he’s quickly swept up in the hysteria as the leg’s enterprising buyer, Shannon Whisnant, then sues to regain its custody. But the stranger-than-fiction chain of events, fueling John’s drug addiction is compounded by generations of his familial dysfunction soon sets John on the streets and heading to his certain demise. Just in time, however, another twist in these fantastical occurrences gives John a final shot at becoming whole for the first time in his life.

“Loaded with unashamedly sophomoric humor, but fired with a kind of early Richard Lester-esque elan that doesn’t run out of gas, A Fistful of Fingers shows more wit and invention than most of its no-budget Brit saddlemates and announces a precocious talent in 20-year-old Edgar Wright.” – Variety, 1995
The greatest Western ever made (in Somerset) is finally here! To celebrate its 20th anniversary, we’ve unearthed Edgar Wright’s nearly-impossible-to-see debut feature for its long-overdue US PREMIERE! A wildly funny, stupefyingly silly Spaghetti Western spoof, A Fistful of Fingers is a jaw-dropping gag-a-minute mashup of Sergio Leone, Monty Python and the Zucker Brothers, hilariously fueled by its young cast & crew’s can’t miss enthusiasm and teen spirit attitude. It’s a one-of-a-kind parody packed wall-to-wall with irreverent humor, dusty charm and pop culture obsession, every frame filled with Wright’s unmistakable & completely contagious love for movie-making. Don’t miss this opportunity to be one of the first to experience the film that launched a stellar career! Written & Directed by Edgar Wright, 1995, 78 min.

During the Mexican Revolution, a man known only as "The Dutchman" has a plan, and brings in four of his old acquaintances, including an old army buddy and a silent Japanese swordsman, to help him out by promising a $1000 reward if it succeeds. The plan turns out to be a fool's mission: rob a train carrying $500,000 in gold that's guarded by dozens of heavily armed soldiers and passes through a steady stream of military checkpoints. Naturally, his friends agree to go along with the scheme. Dir. Don Taylor, Italo Zingarelli. 1969.

Winnipeg filmmakers Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson search the human subconscious in this cinematic head-trip. DIR Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson. SCR Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Robert Kotyk. CAST Roy Dupuis, Clara Furey, Louis Negin, Mathieu Amalric, Geraldine Chaplin, Amira Casar, Charlotte Rampling, Karine Vanasse, Jacques Nolot, Udo Kier. Canada

British screen icons Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay give brilliant performances in this devastating tale of a marriage upended by a long-buried secret. DIR Andrew Haigh.

Freeway: Crack in the System
The real story behind America's drug war, complete with drug dealers, dirty cops, and government complicity, this film was selected by the artist Frances Stark. At the center of it all is the rise, fall, and redemption of “Freeway” Rick Ross—a street hustler who became the king of crack. Followed by a Q&A with “Freeway” Rick Ross and others. (2015, Dir. Mark Levin, 103 min.)

Colorado-based nonprofit organization Process Reversal presents the third installment of this unique traveling film series which aims to explore what it means to work in — and exhibit on — photochemical film today by examining works from artists operating specifically in this practice. Often, this involves getting their hands dirty at every stage of the process: from optical effects to photo-processing, editing and contact printing, optical sound recording, and even the creation of the photosensitive emulsion itself… As a result (and as suggested by the series’ title), creative aberrations make their way into the standard photochemical process, giving birth to a new, textural aesthetic that plays out on the surface of the filmstrip. More than ever before, film reminds us of its physicality, giving a new sense to Andrei Tarkovsky’s idea of “sculpting in time.” CURATOR/FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

A trio of people look to make meaningful connections in this sweet natured comedy. DIR Alison Bagnall. SCR Alison Bagnall. CAST Kentucker Audley, Joslyn Jensen, Olly Alexander, Louis Cancelmi, Josephine Decker, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Grace Gonglewski, Caridad de la Luz, Nicholas Webber. USA. Preceded By: BAD AT DANCING - A perpetual third wheel and awkward outsider inserts herself into her roommate's relationship.

In this classic war film, newly commissioned Lt. Michael Grayson (Van Johnson) is put in charge of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, a group of Japanese American soldiers. Uneasy about the assignment at first, Grayson soon finds admiration for the courage and determination of his team as they become the most decorated unit in the United States Army. Directed by Robert Pirosh. (1951, 92 min.)

Two different Helens of Troy live parallel lives in this brilliantly unnerving apocalyptic vision. DIR Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia. SCR Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia. CAST Robin Bartlett, Rebecca Dayan, Will Janowitz, Julian Gamble, Roger Robinson. USA/Argentina. Preceded By: MYNARSKI DEATH PLUMMET (MYNARSKI CHUTE MORTELLE) - A handmade historical micro-epic and psychedelic photochemical war picture about self-sacrifice, immortality and jellyfish.

Los Angeles premiere of Mike Stoltz’s new film Half Human, Half Vapor, presented alongside visual research that directed the making of the piece with reception and discussion afterwards. HALF HUMAN, HALF VAPOR (2015, 16mm, 12m) by Mike Stoltz “This project began out of a fascination with a giant sculpture of a dragon attached to a Central Florida mansion. The property had recently been left to rot, held in lien by a bank. Hurricanes washed away the sculpture. I learned about the artist who created this landmark, Lewis Vandercar (1913-1988), who began as a painter. His practice grew along with his notoriety for spell-casting and telepathy. Inspired by Vandercar’s interest in parallel possibility, I combined these images with text from local newspaper articles in a haunted-house film that both engages with and looks beyond the material world.” Shown with… THE SCREAMING SKULL (1958, Super 8, 9m) directed by Alex Nico; RHYTHMUS 21 (1923, 16mm, 3m) by Hans Richter; JACKIE VERNON’S CLASSIC SLIDESHOW ROUTINE (1981, Video, 5m) performed by Jackie Vernon; Excerpts from LEWIS VANDERCAR MEMORIAL (1989, Video, 10m) Tradewinds West Video Productions. FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

Join Cosmo Segurson as he continues to celebrate the horrors of the Fall season by enjoying 16mm film prints of some kooky, spooky and downright ooky cartoons! Fleishcher oddities, Disney classics, an original film by Segurson himself, plus the rarely screened masterpiece of animation and puppetry - 'Mysterious Mose' from local stop motion animation gurus Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh of Screen Novelties! Living filmmakers will be present...And ice cream sandwiches! Bring the kids - bring a skeleton - bring your kid's skeleton!

“Hello, little bonehead. I'll love you forever.” So begins Heart of a Dog, from writer, director and creative pioneer Laurie Anderson (Home of the Brave). Centering on Anderson's beloved piano-playing and finger-painting rat terrier Lolabelle, who died in 2011, Heart of a Dog is a wry, wondrous and unforgettable cinematic journey through love, death and language. Her personal essay weaves together childhood memories; video diaries; philosophical musings on data collection, surveillance culture and the Buddhist conception of the afterlife; as well as heartfelt tributes to the artists, writers, musicians and thinkers who inspire her. Fusing her own witty, inquisitive narration with original violin compositions, hand-drawn animation, 8mm home movies and artwork culled from exhibitions past and present, Anderson creates a hypnotic, collage-like visual language out of the raw materials of her life and art, examining how stories are constructed and told—and how we use them to make sense of our lives.

For one week in 1962, French New Wave auteur François Truffaut interviewed the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. DIR Kent Jones. SCR Kent Jones, Serge Toubiana. CAST Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Arnaud Desplechin, Wes Anderson, James Gray, Richard Linklater, Olivier Assayas, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Peter Bogdanovich, Paul Schrader. France/USA

On the occasion of the release of Laurie Anderson’s new film, Heart of a Dog, we have invited her to present a newly-surfaced 35mm print of her celebrated 1986 concert film, Home of the Brave! Anderson, who began her career working in sculpture and performance art and “has gone on to create large-scale theatrical works which combine a variety of media—music, video, storytelling, projected imagery, sculpture—in which she is an electrifying performer” (ART21). Home of the Brave is a star-studded example of Anderson’s collaborative and genre-bending artistry, with appearances by guitarist Adrian Belew, keyboardist Joy Askew, and author William S. Burroughs, famously seen dancing a slow-tango with Anderson.  Q&A with Laurie Anderson at the 11/5 screening only. Dir. Laurie Anderson, 1986, 35mm, 90 min.

The Immortal Story
To make the tall tale of the title come true, an aging European merchant played by Welles hires a sailor to sleep with his wife, but the elaborate set-up soon starts to take on a life of its own. Based on a short story by the Danish writer Isak Dinesen, The Immortal Story is the shortest of Welles’s feature films and first aired on French television. Together with excerpts from Welles’s great unfinished film project, Don Quixote. The Immortal Story (1968), 60 mins., and Don Quixote (1955-1985), 60 mins.

Depicting subjects including pageants, fitness, stardom and Hollywood’s industrial underpinnings, the media artists in this program explore the pains and pleasures of performance, revealing how persona can discipline, liberate and occasionally brutalize the body.
Featuring Morgan Fisher’s extraordinary and rarely seen 1968 film Documentary Footage, Mark Toscano’s award winning Releasing Human Energies (2013), Mariah Garnett’s Encounters I May or May Not Have Had With Peter Berlin (2012), Kelly Sears’ haunting collage The Body Besieged (2009), Lauren Kelley’s stop-motion animation Burlap Interior (2013) and Rita Gonzalez’s experimental video essay The Assumption of Lupe Velez (1998) this aesthetically diverse corpus of works explores posing figures as submissive and defiant, showing us how bodies work against and within media industries.

A young Mayan woman becomes pregnant outside of an impending arranged marriage, throwing her and her family’s future into dire uncertainty. DIR Jayro Bustamante. SCR Jayro Bustamante. CAST María Mercedes Coroy, María Telón, Manuel Antún, Justo Lorenzo, Marvin Coroy. Guatemala/France

Internationally acclaimed director Jafar Panahi (This is Not a Film) drives a yellow cab through the vibrant streets of Tehran, picking up a diverse (and yet representative) group of passengers in a single day. Each man, woman, and child candidly expresses his or her own view of the world, while being interviewed by the curious and gracious driver/director. His camera, placed on the dashboard of his mobile film studio, captures a spirited slice of Iranian society while also brilliantly redefining the borders of comedy, drama and cinema. Directed by: Jafar Panahi. Farsi with English subtitles. 1 hr 22 mins.

A young New Yorker is forced to take control of his self-destructive lifestyle as he navigates his mother’s fight with a serious illness. DIR Josh Mond. SCR Josh Mond. CAST Christopher Abbott, Cynthia Nixon, Scott Mescudi, Makenzie Leigh, Ron Livingston. USA

While traveling on a the Trans-Siberian railroad, a train full of Western voyageuses  (and three yiddish chanteuses) is taken hostage by a band of Mongolian huntresses, who force the travelers to dismount and follow them into the steppe.  From dining car meals featuring whole swans to rituals in the dirt, the film is full of the detritus of colonial travelogues.  While on the one hand a travel fantasy, it is also a rigorous ethnography, and simultaneously a practical joke.  It is Ulrike Ottinger's vision of pan-global female play, in the form of permeable narratives and elegance. (1989, Dir: Ulrike Ottinger)

* Alcoa Theatre: “The First Star” (1958)
* Armstrong Circle Theatre: “Time for Love” (1955)

Experimental non-fiction filmmaker Georg Koszulinski (in person) screens films that meditate on the radical possibilities of the cinema as a hallucinatory space where a critical engagement with the past can inform alternative visions of the future. 

Estranged relative Krisha shows up to a family Thanksgiving to make amends, but as the day unfolds she can’t escape her dark past. DIR Trey Edward Shults. SCR Trey Edward Shults. CAST Krisha Fairchild, Robyn Fairchild, Bill Wise, Trey Edward Shults, Chris Doubek, Olivia Grace Applegate, Alex Dobrenko, Chase Joliet. USA

For the film "La Commune" we travel back in time to 1871 to the Paris Commune, the French revolutionary government established by the people of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War (1871-1871). A journalist for Versailles Television broadcasts a soothing and official view of events while a Commune television is set up to provide the perspectives of the Paris rebels. On a stage-like set, more than 200 actors interpret characters of the Commune, especially the Popincourt neighborhood in the XIth arrondissement. They voice their own thoughts and feelings concerning the social and political reforms. The telling of this story rests primarily on depicting the people of the Commune, and those who suppressed them.
Deliberately, this film is an attempt to challenge existing notions of documentary film, as well as the notions of 'neutrality' and 'objectivity' so beloved by the mass media today. The film is not intended as an apologia on behalf of the Paris Commune. But at the same time, it attempts to show that the Paris Commune, for all its human frailty, its internal conflicts and its blundering, was an event of major importance, not least because of the way in which its leading reformers tried to work with social process, by a direct involvement with the community and its needs. 2000, 345 min, dir. Peter Watkins

An aging farmer returns to rural Colombia where the family and land he long ago abandoned have been devastated by industrial progress. DIR César Augusto Acevedo. SCR César Augusto Acevedo. CAST Haimer Leal, Hilda Ruiz, Edison Raigosa, Marleyda Soto, José Felipe Cárdenas, Edison Raigosa. Colombia/France/Netherlands/Chile/Brazil. U.S. Premiere

In a landfill community in Paraguay, inhabitants turn trash into unique instruments for a world-touring orchestra of young musicians. DIR Brad Allgood, Graham Townsley. USA

As Los Angeles dips into a time of water scarcity, the Hammer screens this documentary about a village in Haiti where obtaining safe drinking water has never been easy. Josue Lajeunesse, the Princeton University custodian who is the compelling narrative’s core, returns to Haiti to channel a consistent, clean water source to his village. Determination drives what the Washington Post dubs an “artfully shot documentary.” Narrated by Don Cheadle. (2012, Dir. Patrick Shen, 71 min.)

Ewan McGregor gives a stunning dual performance as Jesus and the Devil in this rich and sublime tale of Christ’s 40 days in the desert.

The Last Laugh
1924, 90 minutes, black and white, 35mm
Directed by F.W. Murnau; written by Carl Mayer; with Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft, Max Hiller, Emilie Kurz, Hans Unterkircher, Olaf Storm. Featuring live musical accompaniment and original score by Michael Mortilla
After being fired from his prestigious job at a luxurious hotel,  an aging doorman faces the scorn of his friends, neighbours, and society.

Le Ciel est à Vous  (France, 1944)
A working-class auto mechanic and his wife become enrapt with an emergent vision and goal: that the wife should compete in an aviation contest and seek a women's flying record.  The sweeping, luminous drama was seemingly well-suited to the Vichy period, with its themes of escape and freedom, and skirted official sanction with its covert deployment of those themes in a story of personal triumph.
16mm, b/w, in French with English subtitles, 105 min.  Production: Les Films Raoul Ploquin.  Distribution: Consortium du Film.  Producer: Raoul Ploquin.  Director: Jean Grémillon.  Screenwriter: Albert Valentin, Charles Spaak.  Cinematographer: Louis Page.  Production Design: Max Douy.  Editor: Louisette Hautecoeur.  Composer: Roland Manuel.  With: Madeleine Renaud, Charles Vanel, Jean Debucourt, Léonce Corne, Anna Vandenne.

Legong: Dance of the Virgins  (1935)
This narrativized travelogue set in Bali is one of the last films produced in two-color Technicolor.  A young girl serves as a sacred dancer at her village temple, falls in love with a young musician there, and faces a rival in her own sister.  Much of the dramatic action is sublimated through performance of ritual dances forming a fascinating fusion of fiction and documentary modes. 
35mm, color, 60 min.  Production: Bennett Pictures Corp.  Distribution: Paramount International Corporation.  Director: Henri de la Falaise.  Cinematographer: William H. Greene.  Editor: Howard Schroeder.

L'étrange Monsieur Victor  (France, 1938)
A quiet sense of irony and moral relativity suffuses this unusual and rarely-screened feature about a respectable shopkeeper in Toulon who lives a double-life as a gangland leader.  Not above seeing his own neighbor prosecuted for his crimes, Victor unwittingly stumbles his way toward a final comeuppance, navigating a morally ambiguous universe that seems largely the film's point.
35mm, b/w, in French with English subtitles, 91 min.  Production: L'Alliance Cinématographique Européene, Universum Film.  Distribution: L'Alliance Cinématographique Européene.  Director: Jean Grémillon.  Screenwriter: Marcel Achard, Charles Spaak, Albert Valentin.  Cinematographer: Werner Krien.  Composer: Roland Manuel.  With: Raimu, Pierre Blanchar, Madeleine Renaud, Viviane Romance, Marcelle Géniat.

Letter From an Unknown Woman  (1948)
Director Max Ophüls' second American feature, set in fin-de-siècle Vienna, chronicles a woman's obsession with a charming, womanizing concert pianist who trifles with her, never feeling the love she faithfully bears for him over many years.  Ophüls’ elegant storytelling, shuttling through time via flashbacks, long takes, and intricate narrative and visual repetitions, resulted in one of the most lauded works of his career. 35mm, b/w, 87 min.  Production: Rampart Productions, Inc.  Distribution: Universal Pictures Company, Inc.  Director: Max Ophüls.  Based on the novel Brief einer Unbekannten by Stefan Zweig.  Screenwriter: Howard Koch.  Cinematographer: Frank Planer.  Editor: Ted J. Kent.  With: Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan, Mady Christians, Marcel Journet, Art Smith.

Little Man, What Now?  (1934)
Director Frank Borzage’s “Weimar Trilogy” begins here with Margaret Sullavan, the trilogy’s radiant, fragile muse, as one half of a young married couple struggling to make their way in 1930s Germany.  Borzage doesn’t shy from depicting the grim realities of a country plunged into economic and, more importantly, spiritual despair, making the film’s sense of humanity all the more moving for being hard won.
Production: Universal Pictures Corp.  A Frank Borzage Production.  Distribution: Universal Pictures Corp.  Producer:  Carl Laemmle Jr., Frank Borzage.  Director: Frank Borzage.  Based on the novel Kleiner Mann, was nun? by Hans Fallada.  Screenwriter: William Anthony McGuire.  Cinematographer: Norbert Brodine.  Art Director: Charles D. Hall.  Editor: Milton Carruth.  With: Margaret Sullavan, Douglass Montgomery, Alan Hale, Catharine Doucet, DeWitt Jennings.  35mm, b/w, 98 min.

Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Léa Seydoux and John C. Reilly star in this science-fictional tale of a world where single people must romantically couple within 45 days or turn into animals. DIR Yorgos Lanthimos.

One of the most important and prolific directors of the silent film era, who also happens to be one of Hollywood’s few women directors to this day, Lois Weber was also a writer, producer, actress and head of her own production company who forged the way for filmmakers who saw film as an opportunity to inject their own ideas and philosophies into the burgeoning entertainment industry.  The Academy Scholars presentation by Shelley Stamp, professor of film and digital media at UC Santa Cruz and author of the recently published Lois Weber in Early Hollywood, will be followed by a screening of Weber’s 1916 film Shoes.  Based on the short story by Stella Wynne Herron, Shoes tells the plight of a young girl whose financial desperation leads her to prostitution.  The film will be screened from a print recently restored by EYE Film Museum.

Los Angeles in the Newsreels
Contemporary news media, in all its forms, is replete with stories and images of Los Angeles, sensational and otherwise, befitting the city’s position as a global economic and cultural center—and producer of much of that same media.  Tonight’s program looks back at how the city, as it ascended to its current prominence in the last century, was represented in the newsreels that gave rise to the moving image news of today.  From baby pageants to anti-war rallies, in both completed films and in raw footage, the newsreels captured the provincial and increasingly international dimensions of the city as it evolved. 35mm, b/w, total running time of program: approx. 120 min.

Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard and director Justin Kurzel deliver a haunting, visually stunning adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy.

W.C. Fields portrays a hen-pecked milquetoast who keeps a cork in his water bottle and is able to be nicer to his wife because he is slightly hammered during her nagging fests. 1935.

In this timely film, a migrant from Burkina Faso makes a perilous journey from North Africa to Europe. DIR Jonas Carpignano. SCR Jonas Carpignano. CAST Koudous Seihon, Alassane Sy, Adam Gnegne, Davide Schipilliti. Italy/France/USA/Germany.  Followed by a Q&A with Jason Michael Berman (Nov. 11 screening only)

In this indie American period piece, two farming brothers in 1861 are torn apart by the encroaching Civil War. DIR Zachary Treitz. SCR Kate Lyn Sheil, Zachary Treitz. CAST David Maloney, Timothy Morton, Kate Lyn Sheil, Rachel Korine. USA

Mike Kelley: Single Channel Videos 
“One of the most influential artists of the past quarter century and a pungent commentator on American class, popular culture and youthful rebellion.” – The New York Times
When Mike Kelley passed away in 2012, he left the legacy of a body of deeply innovative work mining American popular culture and both modernist and alternative traditions. This screening features a selection of Kelley’s videos, from the sassy/melancholy Superman Recites Selections from 'The Bell Jar' and Other Works by Sylvia Plath (1999) to the threatening histrionics of Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #1 (Domestic Scene) (2000), as well as collaborative pieces, such as his minimalist exploration of sado-masochistic relationships in 100 Reasons (1991) – among others. 

A Mexican woman with a cancer-stricken husband embarks on a series of increasingly violent confrontations with uncaring insurance stakeholders and bureaucrats. DIR Rodrigo Plá. SCR Laura Santullo. CAST Jana Raluy, Sebastián Aguirre Boëda, Hugo Albores, Nora Huerta, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Emilio Echeverria, Ilya Cazés, Noé Hernández, Verónica Falcón. Mexico. North American Premiere

More Films From 1911
Join us for more amazing shorts by legendary director D.W. Griffith, including Western spectacle “The Last Drop of Water” starring the luminous Blanche Sweet, and “Fighting Blood” with Robert Harron. Plus the precociously “adult” dark comedy “The Primal Call” and groundbreaking two-reeler “Enoch Arden”! Introduction by Steven Taylor, grandson of “Last Drop of Water” screenwriter Stanner E. V. Taylor. Live musical accompaniment by Cliff Retallick! 100 min. Screening format: 8mm

To escape her troubles at home, a young Orthodox Jewish woman falls in with a nocturnal community of prostitutes and drug dealers in the ancient cemetery atop Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives. DIR Yaelle Kayam. SCR Yaelle Kayam. CAST Shani Klein, Avshalom Pollak, Haitham Ibrahem Omari. Israel/Denmark. U.S. Premiere

Five Turkish sisters must fight back against harsh societal restrictions when a seemingly innocent act is blown out of proportion. DIR Deniz Gamze Ergüven. SCR Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Alice Winocour. CAST Günes Sensoy, Doga Zeynep Doguslu, Tugba Sunguroglu, Elit Iscan, Ilayda Akdogan, Ayberk Pekcan. France/Germany/Turkey

A young student, living alone in an old apartment, begins to lose herself in loneliness until reality merges with dreams. DIR Guto Parente. SCR Guto Parente. CAST Ticiana Augusto Lima, Guto Parente. Brazil/France. North American Premiere.

The Naked Kiss  (1964)
Shot on a shoestring and conceived as an indictment of American bourgeois hypocrisy, The Naked Kiss is a bombastic, idiosyncratic but wholly original hybrid—the B-movie as social critique.  A reformed hooker finds renewed purpose as a small-town orthopedic nurse.  Although courting the dashing local philanthropist promises to cement her integration into mainstream society, but her romantic fantasy is dashed in a shocking plot twist.
35mm, b/w, 93 min.  Production: F&F Productions.  Distribution: Allied Artists.  Producer: Samuel Fuller.  Director: Samuel Fuller.  Screenwriter: Samuel Fuller.  Cinematographer: Stanley Cortez.  Editor: Jerome Thoms.  Composer: Paul Dunlap.  With: Constance Towers, Anthony Eisley, Michael Dante, Virginia Grey, Patsy Kelly.

Written and directed by Navajo filmmaker Pamela J. Peters, Legacy of Exiled NDNZ (2014) is a short film about seven young American Indian adults currently living in Los Angeles, California. Shot in a neorealist visual aesthetic reminiscent of Kent Mackenzie’s 1961 film The Exiles, we catch a glimpse of this group of urban Indians living out their hopes and dreams in the current Los Angeles environment. Echoes from Juniper Canyon (2004) is a short film about a young American Indian boy who is forced to face his fears when a secret threatens the relationship between his father and stepmother. This film is written and directed by Hopi filmmaker Duane Allen Humeyestewa. A short music video by Seminole artist Spencer Battiest shot in the heart of Hollywood Boulevard follows the films. The evening will conclude with poetry readings from three Native Americans living in Los Angeles. FILMMAKERS/POETS IN ATTENDANCE!

Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, this bristling debut looks at a group of millennials, all peripherally related to a wealthy white teen who commits suicide. DIR Sibs Shongwe-La Mer. SCR Sibs Shongwe-La Mer. CAST Bonko Khoza, Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, Colleen Balchin, Kamogelo Moloi, Emma Tollman, Jonathan Young, Kelly Bates, Ricci-Lee Kalish, Giovanna Winetzki. Netherlands/South Africa. Preceded By: TRACKS - An amateur skateboarder is left to care for his girlfriend's young daughter on the day of a championship tournament.

The New Works Salons series is a casual forum for the presentation and discussion of new works in film, video, sound, and performance, with local and visiting artists in-person to introduce their work. Martine Syms will show new Notes on Gesture, a video comparing authentic and dramatic gestures. The piece alternates between title cards proposing hypothetical situations and short, looping clips that respond. The actor uses her body to quote famous, infamous, and unknown women. She repeats and interprets each movement several times, switching from a physical vernacular to acting techniques likes blocking and cheating. Hollie Brown will show two new video diary works, Sugar for Roses and Scathed and Nourished, severed/remixed documentation of her most recent trips back home to Texas. Andrew Kim and Karissa Hahn will present a collaborative 16mm film entitled I – FRAME, a motion study photographed at the 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge. Also included on the program will be new work by Eve LaFountain, and more!

1974, 118 min, Italy, Dir: Liliana Cavani
This controversial and unsettling cult classic filters the long shadow that WWII cast across Europe through an obsessive affair defined by guilt, desire and domination. In 1957, concentration camp survivor Lucia Atherton (Charlotte Rampling) discovers ex-Nazi SS officer Maximilian Aldorfer (Dirk Bogarde) working as a night porter at a Vienna hotel. The two shared a secret relationship during the war, and soon resume their sadomasochistic trysts – but with war crimes trials looming, Max’s former Nazi comrades see Lucia as a threat. Bogarde and Rampling are both superb in demanding roles, and the beautiful cinematography and score give this twisted tale a powerful counterpoint. Program also features a conversation between Tom Courtenay and Charlotte Rampling in person, following the first feature.

The late Chantal Akerman’s sweet, melancholic ode to her mother, an Auschwitz survivor, is about home and the wild places beyond it. DIR Chantal Akerman. SCR Chantal Akerman. Belgium

Toronto-based filmmaker Leslie Supnet brings us this small sampling of experimental works from Hollywood North. The selection of works in this program are made by filmmakers who tell personal stories by digging into the archives of lost or forgotten material and memories. Moreover, these works offer a glimpse into the formal and personal obsessions of those living in Toronto, Ontario. This program will screen 9 films by Toronto artists including: Home/Land, (2012, 16mm, 6:20 min) by Zoë Heyn-Jones; By the Time We Got To Expo (2015, 16mm HD Transfer, 9:06 min) by Phil Hoffman & Eva Kolcze; Second Sun (2014,Super 8, sound, 3 min) by Leslie Supnet; Untitled (2015, VHS,10 min) by Brian Random; El Barrio (1998, 16mm, 10 min) by Marcos Arriaga; I for NDN, (2011, 2 min) by Clint Enns and Darryl Nepinak; Film: Rope (2013, DV, 13:30 min) by Francesco Gagliardi; Still Feeling Blue About Colour Separation (2014 Super 8, 3 min) by Christine Lucy Latimer and Scrapbook, (2015, HDV, 18 min) by Mike Hoolboom. CURATOR/FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE!

On the 102-year anniversary of the opening of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Vidiots Foundation presents a screening of the documentary “100 Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct,” which follows a journey with a string of one hundred mules that drew a line between LA and a source of its water in the Eastern Sierra. “One Hundred Mules Walking the Los Angeles Aqueduct” draws a line in time and space reconnecting Los Angeles with a water source that feeds it. The one month, 240 mile expedition is captured in this exquisitely shot documentary that celebrates the history of film and its love affair with the mythic American West. The story follows artist Lauren Bon on her meditation of the watersheds of the Intermountain West.
The film testifies to the mule’s role in the shaping of the West, as their labor force was relied on heavily to build the global market as we know it; the Los Angeles Aqueduct (completed in 1913) and the Panama Canal opened within one year of each other. Hoover Dam construction began soon after that. The film celebrates the mule as the labor force relied upon to construct empires. Screening followed by Q&A with artist Lauren Bon, moderated by Ken Brecher, President Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

In 2003, Australian journalist Michael Ware found himself in Baghdad following the invasion of Iraq, reporting for US media outlets. As the façade of success in Iraq was falling apart, the first suicide bombings in the city took place. Ware was on the trail of Abu Musab al Zarqawi, a brutal Al Qaeda leader, with plans to set the country at odds. When Zarqawi decided to go public, Ware received a tape… and so began a journey that shocked the world and tested the war reporter to his very limits. This documentary features Ware's personal video archive, accumulated over seven years on assignment. Conversation after the film with Director Bill Guttentag.

Ring the bells and set off the sirens: the restoration of Jacques Rivette’s sprawling French New Wave masterpiece OUT 1 is the cinephile event of the year! Clocking in at just under 13 hours, seeing Rivette’s sprawling and episodic magnum opus is the “movie equivalent of reading Proust” (Dennis Lim, NYT); consuming such a beautiful and famously gargantuan work is—like travelling to an exotic land or learning how to tango—the stuff of bucket lists and bragging rights. Originally intended for French television, it’s a cat’s cradle of criss-crossing narrative threads and characters set amongst two countercultural theatre troupes in 1960s Paris (with all their utopian aspirations), shot with a French New Wave formal freedom that, along with it’s status as the second-longest narrative feature of all time, makes it one of the truly unique specimens of the filmic ecosystem.
OUT 1 has been virtually impossible to see since its premiere in 1971, so thank the film gods, and Carlotta Films, for this brand new restoration, allowing us the rare opportunity to watch this cinematic milestone on the big screen, or at all for that matter. 
Over two days, the Super Long Movie Club will watch, break, discuss, eat, and maybe just learn a little bit about each other, all on the way to finishing one of the greatest films of all time. And we’ll have a potluck, so bring a dish. Dir. Jacques Rivette, 1971, 729 min., New DCP Restoration. NOTE: You only need to buy one ticket. It will get you into both days of the film. No refunds allowed after Oct. 31st. SCHEDULE:
Day 1 (Nov. 14th at 11 am): 
Episodes 1-2 (199 min. + Short bathroom break between), Intermission, Episodes 3-4 (215 min. + Short bathroom break between)
Day 2 (Nov. 15th at Noon): Episodes 5-6 (190 min. + Short bathroom break between), Intermission, Episodes 7-8 (171 min. + Short bathroom break between)

"Out on the Street" is a film about a group of workers from one of Egypt’s working class neighborhoods, Helwan. In the film ten working-class men participate in an acting workshop. Through the rehearsals, stories emerge of factory injustice, police brutality, courts that fabricate criminal charges, and countless tales of corruption and exploitation by their capitalist employers. On a rooftop studio overlooking the heart of Cairo – presented as a space between fact and fiction – the participants move in and out of character as they shape the performance that engages their daily realities. "Out on the Street" interweaves scenes from the workshop, fictional performances, and mobile phone footage shot by a worker intended as evidence for the courts to stop the destruction of his workplace. This hybrid approach aims to engage a collective imaginary, situating the participants and spectators within a broader social struggle. 2015, 71 min, dir. Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk. Followed by a discussion.

In a potent collision of race, romance, and jazz, Paris Blues chronicles the passionate relationship of two couples embarking on intellectual and artistic adventures in turbulent times. Starring Sidney Poitier, Paul Newman, Diahann Carroll, and Joanne Woodward and presented in exquisite 35mm, the screening of this 1961 gem will serve as the springboard for a dynamic discussion about identity, creativity, and expatriatism. Engaging the audience in this conversation will be a high-profile quorum of actors, musicians, and scholars selected by filmmaker and ARRAY founder Ava DuVernay, who will also serve as host for the debut gathering in this ongoing film series.

Passing Through  (1977)
Eddie Womack, an African American jazz musician, is released from prison for the killing of a white gangster.  Not willing to play for the mobsters who control the music industry, Womack searches for his mentor, the musician, Poppy Harris.  The film repeatedly returns to various musicians improvising jazz, leading a French critic to call it “the only jazz film in the history of cinema.”  Before the screening, Allyson Nadia Field, Jan-Christopher Horak, and Jacqueline Najuma Stewart will be on hand to introduce and sign their book, L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema.
DCP, color, 105 min.  Producer: Larry Clark.  Director: Larry Clark.  Screenwriter: Larry Clark, Ted Lange.  Cinematographer: Roderick Young, George Geddis.  Editor: Larry Clark.  With: Nathaniel Taylor, Clarence Muse, Pamela Jones, Johnny Weathers, Della Thomas. In-person: Larry Clark, Allyson Nadia Field, Jan-Christopher Horak, Jacqueline Najuma Stewart.

Pattes Blanches  (France, 1948)
A late-career but top-flight rehearsal of favorite themes (class politics expressed in a sexual triangle), director Jean Grémillon's feature involves the arrival of a glamorous woman in an insular community, who makes herself the object of several men's affections and sets up an incendiary rivalry between an aristocrat and his poorer half-brother.  Love sweetens and sours as power realignments drive the story to its cataclysmic conclusion.  
16mm, b/w, 92 min.  Production: Majestic Films.  Distribution: DisCina.  Director: Jean Grémillon.  Screenwriter: Jean Anouilh, Jean-Bernard Luc.  Cinematographer: Philippe Agostini.  Editor: Louisette Hautecoeur.  Composer: Elsa Barraine.  With: Suzy Delair, Fernand Ledoux, Paul Bernard, Arlette Thomas, Michel Bouquet.

Please, Don't Bury Me Alive!  (1977)
Efraín Gutiérrez’ landmark independent feature, recently added to the National Film Registry, offers an in-depth look at 1970’s-era South Texas Chicano culture, as its central character questions his place in a society that undervalues Latinos, so many of whom have been killed in the Vietnam War.  A historic, influential hit in regional theaters, the film was long thought lost before its restoration at UCLA.
35mm, color, 81 min.  Production: Chicano Arts Enterprises.  Producer: Efraín Gutiérrez.  Director: Efraín Gutiérrez.  Screenwriter: Sabino Garza.  Cinematographer: David Peña.  Editor: Jack Landman.  With: Efraín Gutiérrez, Josefina Paz, David Moss, Abel Franco, Oscar Escamilla.

The Quay Brothers In 35mm
Stop-motion animators Stephen and Timothy Quay have created some of the most eerie and dreamlike shorts of the last 30 years. Fan and fellow filmmaker Christopher Nolan recently selected highlights of their work for a touring retrospective.
Program begins with:
* “Quay” (2015, 9 min. Dir. Christopher Nolan) Director Christopher Nolan’s first documentary short offers a fascinating look inside the Quay brothers’ London studio, capturing the acclaimed stop-motion animators at work.
Followed by:
* “In Absentia” (2000, 20 min. Dirs. Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay) A woman confined to an asylum makes futile, repetitive attempts to write a letter in this creepy short, which was named “Best Film at the Cutting Edge” at the British Animation Awards. With a score by Karlheinz Stockhausen.
* “The Comb” (1991, 18 min. Dirs. Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay) In this disturbing and surreal dispatch from the museums of sleep, a woman (Joy Constantinides, in B&W live-action sequences) dreams fitfully of a porcelain doll as it struggles to climb a complex tower. “[The] most beautiful of their recent films.” – The New Yorker.
* “Street of Crocodiles” (1986, 20 min. Dirs. Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay) Terry Gilliam rates this Brothers Quay classic as one of the 10 best animated films of all time. Based on a short story by Polish writer Bruno Schulz. A museum attendant spits into an old viewing Kinetoscope, which activates the nightmarish Schulzian theatre, a bizarre puppet underworld amidst rust and filth. In English and Polish with English subtitles.

Nicole Kidman stars in Werner Herzog’s epic true story of explorer, cartographer and archaeologist Gertrude Bell.

Two estranged brothers in rural Iceland must come together when a fatal outbreak strikes their sheep herds. DIR Grímur Hákonarson. SCR Grímur Hákonarson. CAST Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Theodór Júlíusson, Charlotte Bøving. Iceland

A dishonored Union Army officer (James Coburn) leads a group of convicts to retake Fort Holman from the Confederate Army.  Dir. Tonino Valerii, 1972.

Remembering the Pentagons is a contemplative journey into filmmaker Azadeh Navai's earliest childhood memories. With an old 16mm Bolex and a hand-made pinhole camera, Navai returns to Tehran and Esfahan, Iran, where the perceptions and recollections of places, emotions, and scents serve as vehicles through which she exposes a deeply personal landscape. She asks - what is the texture of memory? DIR. Azadeh Navai, 25 min.

Remorques  (France, 1941)
Brimming with emotional force, director Jean Grémillon's masterly feature counterposes duty with runaway fantasy in its story of a tugboat captain torn between a sick, homebound wife and a mysterious, beautiful woman.  The picture's metaphorical use of crashing waves and surging musical flourishes invest it with a timelessness that nevertheless spoke to the very timely passions of the beginnings of the Vichy era.
35mm, b/w, in French with English subtitles, 91 min.  Production: SEDIF.  Distribution: Films Sonores Tobis.  Director: Jean Grémillon.  Based on the novel by Roger Vercel.  Screenwriter: André Cayatte, Jacques Prévert.  Cinematographer: A. Thirard.  Editor: Yvonne Martin.  Composer: Roland-Manuel.  With: Jean Gabin, Madeleine Renaud, Michèle Morgan, Charles Blavette, Jean Marchat.

16mm prints will be projected. Screening:
* THE LIFT (1972) Dark Comedy, 7 min. A man loses control after the elevator in his apartment building malfunctions. Shot in Downtown LA’s Bradbury building. Directed by Robert Zemeckis.
* A LOOK AT LIFE (1965) Experimental, 1 min. A photo-montage of media images of the time. Directed by George Lucas.
* ANYONE LIVED IN A PRETTY HOW TOWN (1967) Drama, 6 min. Inspired by E.E. Cummings’ poem of the same name, a photographer snaps shots of people and causes them to disappear. Directed by George Lucas.
* IT’S ALL TRUE! The Story of Hollywood News Photographers (1990) Documentary, 24 min. Mad Men creator, Matt Weiner, directed this student documentary that takes a light-hearted look at the world of the Hollywood paparazzi.
* COWBOYS AND ANGELS (1991) 12min Drama, 12 min. A private investigator is hired to find a 16-year-old runaway but has second thoughts when he learns of the father’s abusive behavior toward the girl. Directed by James Gray (The Yards, We Own the Night).

Revisiting Ralph Story's Los Angeles
Premiering in 1964, the urbane series Ralph Story's Los Angeles remains one of the most fondly-remembered locally-produced programs in Los Angeles television history.  Join our guest host, historian Alison Martino of Vintage Los Angeles, for a screening retrospective and panel discussion celebrating this beloved, innovative series, featuring excerpts and complete episodes documenting such iconic locales as Angels Flight, Clifton's Cafeteria, Sunset Boulevard, and the long lost landmarks Hollywood Ranch Market and L.A.’s Kiddieland. Total running time of program:  approx. 130 min.
* Ralph Story’s Los Angeles — Excerpt: “Angels Flight Railway” - KNXT, 3/6/66
* Ralph Story’s Los Angeles — Excerpt: “Clifton's Cafeteria, Downtown Los Angeles” - KNXT, 10/22/67
* Ralph Story’s Los Angeles — Excerpt: “Hollywood Ranch Market” - KNXT, 2/4/68
* Ralph Story’s Los Angeles — Excerpt: “Beverly Park, Also Known as L.A.’s Kiddieland” - KNXT, 5/18/69
* Ralph Story's Los Angeles — Excerpt: "Vintage Buildings, Downtown Los Angeles" - KNXT, 12/08/68
* Ralph Story’s Los Angeles — Episode: “A Drive Down the Entire 25-Mile Length of Sunset Boulevard” - KNXT, 9/22/68
* Ralph Story’s Los Angeles — Episode: “Los Angeles, Downtown, and Disneyland After Dark” - KNXT, 2/11/68
In-person: Dan Einstein, Dan Gingold, Alison Martino, Joe Saltzman.

Rick Prelinger: Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles 
Having given eye-opening “urban history” presentations in San Francisco, Oakland and Detroit, Rick Prelinger now draws on his vast archive to offer a cultural history of greater Los Angeles in pictures. The archivist, writer, filmmaker and UC Santa Cruz professor combines excerpts from long-dated “ephemeral” sources—yesteryear’s home movies, newsreels, educational, industrial and amateur films, even studio “process plates”—into a richly detailed socio-topographical study of L.A.’s bygone cityscapes, and in the process casts the contemporary terrain in a new light. Viewers, meanwhile, are invited to supply the soundtrack, with their own commentaries, questions and discussions. Founded in 1983, the Prelinger Archive is among the largest repositories of its kind in the world. In person: Rick Prelinger

No More Road Trips? (2013; digital video from film, 79:35 min.), a dream ride through 20th-century America made entirely from home movies, asks whether we've come to the end of the open road. Have we reached "peak travel"? Can we still find fortune (and ourselves) on the highway? Are we nomads or stay-at-homes? A journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific made from a collection of 9,000 home movies filmed 1924-1979, No More Road Trips? reveals hidden histories embedded in the landscape and seeks to blend the pleasures of travel with premonitions of its end. The audience constructs the soundtrack for this fully participatory film as we recall our shared pasts and predict the future. 

In Hong Sang-soo’s latest, a director spends 24 hours with an attractive artist. This story then repeats itself midway through the film, but with important variations. DIR Hong Sang-soo. SCR Hong Sang-soo. CAST Jung Jae-young, Kim Min-hee. South Korea

“Like five fingers of the same hand,” the wailing matron Rosaria describes her five sons, at the opening of Rocco and His Brothers. Bonded as they may be, each of the brothers falls prey to his own dark-night-of-the-soul, in Italian master Luchino Visconti’s sprawling epic, screening in a brand new sparkling 4K restoration. The Parondi family—recently located from rural southern Italy to Milan—is caught in a net of intertwined family, political, and social drama, as the seductions of city life chip away at the brothers’ previously held values. With this gargantuan and novelistic work, Visconti—counted among the ranks of Fellini, Rossellini, and Antonioni, and known for masterpieces such as The Leopard, Death in Venice, and La Terra Trema, as well as his influence on filmmakers from Scorsese to Coppola—has authored a bizarre and sumptuous marriage of neorealism and melodrama, universally likened to opera, and featuring magnificent performances from Alain Delon and Annie Girardot. Dir. Luchino Visconti, 1960, DCP, 177 min.

Ronaldo (2015)
Documentary, Sport. Director: Anthony Wonke. Stars: Cristiano Ronaldo
Join us for the global premiere of Ronaldo. Filmed over 14 months with unprecedented access into the inner circle of the man and the sport, this is the first official and fully authorised film of one of the most celebrated figures in football.
For the first time ever, the world gets vividly candid and un-paralleled, behind-closed-doors access to the footballer, father, family-man and friend in this moving & fascinating documentary. Through in-depth conversations, state of the art football footage and never before seen archival footage, the film gives an astonishing insight into the sporting and personal life of triple Ballon D'Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo at the peak of his career. From the makers of ‘Senna’ and ‘Amy’, Ronaldo takes audiences on an intimate and revealing journey of what it’s like to live as an iconic athlete in the eye of the storm.

Join us for a special one-time-only screening of musician, composer, actor, and director Neil Norman's new full-length rock'n'roll documentary film, which tells the fantastic, gleeful, tragic tale of 1960s garage rock wunderkinds THE SEEDS!
Using vintage footage, rare photos, memorabilia and audio, and fresh interviews with band members and associates, as well as notable fans and observers, THE SEEDS: PUSHIN' TOO HARD relates the bizarre rage-to-riches-to-rags tale of the rock quartet who took Los Angeles by storm in the mid-60s, and is credited with creating the idea of "flower power." Neil Norman will be joining us in person to engage our audience with a Q&A after the film!

In this intimate documentary, the work of Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembène is spotlighted, showing why he came to be known as the Father of African Cinema. DIR Samba Gadjigo, Jason Silverman. Senegal/USA

2014, Lionsgate, 93 min, USA, Dir: Peter Bogdanovich
Director Peter Bogdanovich’s first feature in more than a decade kicks into gear when Broadway director Owen Wilson takes a fancy to call girl-turned-actress Imogen Poots and casts her in his latest play – along with his wife (Kathryn Hahn) and her ex (Rhys Ifans). Jennifer Aniston, Will Forte and a host of cameos too good to spoil here add to the romantic chaos in this effervescent comedy. “It’s a hysterical screwball fantasia that openly steals from Lubitsch, Hawks, Capra and Sturges and wants to be caught with its fingers in the till. The result is a highly sexed Jenga-pile of silliness, to which Bogdanovich can’t resist adding block after teetering block.” - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph. Discussion between films with director Peter Bogdanovich.

* THE LITTLE DEPUTY - Trevor tries to have his photo taken with his father.
* OBJECT - A hypnotic underwater search from the point of view of the rescue team, the diver and the people waiting on shore.
* TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY - When a young woman living abroad receives a letter from home, it’s what she needs to fuse her transient self with the person she's always known herself to be.
* SHARE - The victim of an unspeakable act gone viral returns to high school.

* LANCASTER, CA - A portrait of love in the California desert.
* REVIEW - A young woman recounts a story to a group of friends who listen with rapt attention, but the tale sounds very familiar.

* WORLD OF TOMORROW - A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of the distant future in the latest opus from Don Hertzfeldt.
* MANOMAN - Beware what lies within.
* TEETH - That which is neglected, is lost.
* WAVES ’98 - Omar is lured into the depths of segregated Beirut. Isolated from reality, he struggles to keep his sense of home.
* PALM ROT - An old Florida fumigator comes face to face with a mysterious threat.

Rick Bahto and Alee Peoples are exemplary figures in the vibrant L.A. creative community committed to realizing personal vision through the hands-on intimacy of small-gauge film, DIY media and live performance. Bahto, a San Francisco transplant, plays with multiple layers of printing, rephotography and projection to explore the tension between the incidental and the controlled, while Peoples, an Oklahoma City native, uses Super 8 and 16mm film as platforms for whimsical storytelling with a nod to history. Bahto’s section of the program includes Accretions, for multiple slide projectors, and Compositions; Peoples is presenting the L.A. premiere of Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies, a street film starring decaying signage, car radios and human ad spinners. In person: Rick Bahto and Alee Peoples

Smog  (Italy, 1962)
Director Franco Rossi offers an atmospheric meditation on the pervasive alienation and class systems inherent to American life in the sprawling City of Angels, as seen through the outsider perspectives of a visiting Italian attorney (Enrico Maria Salerno) and a small circle of Italian expats.  Notable sequences prominently feature midcentury modern landmarks, including Los Angeles International Airport and the Pierre Koenig-designed Stahl Residence.
35mm, b/w, in Italian with English subtitles, 88 min.  Production: Titanus, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  Director: Franco Rossi.  Screenwriter: Franco Rossi, Pasquale Festa Campanile, Massimo Franciosa, Ugo Guerra.  Cinematographer: Ted McCord.  Editor: Aldo Capuano.  Composer: Piero Umiliani.  With: Enrico Maria Salerno, Annie Girardot, Renato Salvatori, Max Showalter, Susan Mueller. Screening preceded by guest speakers, including symposium keynote address, "Forever/Never on a Smoggy Day," by Harry Gamboa Jr.

Hard-drinking novelist Dave Hirsh (Frank Sinatra) returns home after being gone for years. His brother (Arthur Kennedy) wants Dave to settle down, and introduces him to English teacher Gwen French (Martha Hyer). Moody Dave resents his brother, and spends his days hanging out with Bama Dillert (Dean Martin), a professional gambler who parties late into the night. Torn between the admiring Gwen and Ginny Morehead (Shirley MacLaine), an easy woman who loves him, Dave grows increasingly angry. Running time: 137 minutes.

Songs from the North
“Rare and extraordinary…profoundly strange, immediate, and real.” – The Village Voice
Honored as the Best First Feature in both Locarno International Film Festival and DocLisboa, Songs From the North is an original and intimate look at the enigma of North Korea. Bypassing and decoding the country’s jingoistic propaganda, as well as derisive satire from the West, Soon-Mi Yoo interweaves footage from three visits to North Korea with songs, spectacle, popular cinema and archival footage. Songs From The North strives to understand, on their own terms, the psychology and popular imagery of the North Korean people and the political ideology of absolute love. Born in South Korea, Yoo teaches at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and frequently shows her work internationally. In person: Soon-Mi Yoo

A brother and sister living on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation cope with the loss of their father in very different ways. DIR Chloé Zhao. SCR Chloé Zhao. CAST John Reddy, Jashaun St. John, Irene Bedard, Eleonore Hendricks, Taysha Fuller, Cat Clifford. USA. Preceded By: TUESDAY (SALI) - An ordinary school day for a teenage girl in Istanbul.

This sparse yet resonant film, set in Auschwitz near the end of World War II, follows an internee on a mission to give a young boy a proper burial. DIR László Nemes. SCR László Nemes, Clara Royer. CAST Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnar, Urs Rechn, Todd Charmont, Sándor Zsotér, Marcin Czarnik, Jerzy Walczak, Uwe Lauer, Christian Harting, Kamil Dobrowlski, Amitai Kedar, István Pion, Juli Jakab, Levente Orbán. Hungary

Spirits of Rebellion: Black Cinema from UCLA  (2015)
Five years in the making, Zeinabu irene Davis’ documentary explores the many paths of UCLA student filmmakers, now identified with the “L.A. Rebellion.”  Including interviews with Charles Burnett, Ben Caldwell, Julie Dash, Haile Gerima, Barbara McCullough, Stormé Bright Sweet and many others, Davis’ film demonstrates how these independent Black filmmakers created a movement in the face of Hollywood’s racist imagery. Digital video, b/w & color, 97 min. In-person: director Zeinabu irene Davis.

2015, Open Road Films, 128 min, USA, Dir: Tom McCarthy
Among the most riveting profiles of investigative journalism since ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, SPOTLIGHT focuses on the team of Boston Globe staffers who broke the news about the Catholic Church’s cover-up of pedophile priests in the city. Led by newly hired editor Michael Keaton, reporters Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and Brian D’Arcy James methodically piece together a story bigger and more damning than any of them had imagined. “Superbly controlled and engrossingly detailed.” - Justin Chang, Variety. Discussion following with guests to be announced.

Station to Station
2015, 70 min, color and B&W, DCP
Directed by Doug Aitken; with Beck / Jackson Browne / Patti Smith / Thurston Moore / Ed Ruscha / Doug Aitken / Mark Bradford / Giorgio Moroder / Mavis Staples / Cat Power / Lawrence Weiner / William Eggleston / No Age / Urs Fischer
Over 24 days, Doug Aitken's Station to Station project traveled 4,000 miles by train across North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific. As it stopped in large cities and remote locations, a constantly changing group of artists, musicians, and performers took part in a series of unique happenings.
The Station to Station feature film is made up of 62 one-minute films, including conversations, performances, and unrepeatable moments from the journey, bringing together an amazing cross-section of people and places, from icons of culture to a hitchhiker found on a desert road. With each changing minute the film explores creativity through a different artist, musician, place, or perspective, ultimately revealing a larger sense of modern expression transcending the individual voices.
Join us for a screening of the Station to Station feature film, followed by a conversation between the film's director, Doug Aitken, and Film Independent curator, Elvis Mitchell. Opening performance by Sun Araw.

Stink! opens with a foul smell and a pair of kids pajamas. And a single father trying to find out what that smell could possibly be. But instead of getting a straight answer, director Jon Whelan stumbles on an even bigger issue in America, which is that some products on our store shelves are not safe — by design. Entertaining, enlightening, and at times almost absurd, Stink! takes you on a madcap journey from the retailer to the laboratory, through corporate boardrooms, down back alleys, and into the halls of Congress. Follow Whelan as he clashes with political and corporate operatives all trying to protect the darkest secrets of the chemical industry. Running time: 91 minutes.

When a new member arrives at a home for sober living, a self-destructive spiral begins. DIR Nathan Silver. SCR Nathan Silver, Jack Dunphy. CAST Deragh Campbell, Keith Poulson, Hannah Gross, Eléonore Hendricks, Tallie Medel, Henri Douvry, Jason Giampietro, Jason Grisell, Eileen Kearney, Larry Novak. USA.

Screening program:
* Pro-Abortion Anti-Pink, 1995, 8:37 mins. Susan Cianciolo for Alleged Films (featuring Marcelo Krasilcic, Chris Moore, Cheryl Dunn, Terry Richardson, Tobin Yelland, Anette Aurell)
* Diadal, 1997, 9:40 mins. Susan Cianciolo for Alleged Films (directed by Maggie Zackheim)
* Run With Zeros, 2000, 9:56 mins. Susan Cianciolo and Antek Walczak 
Followed by a conversation between Cianciolo and Aaron Rose, moderated by Sophie von Olfers.

A young Albanian woman bucks her destiny by appealing to an ancient regional law allowing her to live free as a man if she takes an oath of eternal virginity. DIR Laura Bispuri. SCR Francesca Manieri, Laura Bispuri. CAST Alba Rohrwacher, Flonja Kodheli, Lars Eidinger, Luan Jaha, Bruno Shllaku, Ilire Celaj, Drenica Selimaj, Dajana Selimaj, Emily Ferratello. Italy/Switzerland/Germany/Albania/Republic of Kosovo

Tabu: A Story of the South Seas  (1931)
A unique collaboration of F. W. Murnau and documentarian Robert Flaherty resulted in this simple story about the love of a Tahitian fisherman for a young woman whose body has been consecrated to the gods, rendering her tabu for mortal men.  The filmmakers had their differences, and Flaherty sold his interest in the film.  Finished by Murnau, the film is a luminous and lyrical masterpiece.
35mm, b/w, 81 min.  Production: Golden Bough, Inc.  Distribution: Paramount Publix Corp.  Director: F. W. Murnau.  Cinematographer: Floyd Crosby.  Editor: Arthur Brooks.  Composer: Hugo Riesenfeld.  With: Matahi, Reri, Hitu, Jean, Jules.

From the director of GOMORRAH, this collection of three ancient fairy tales features a star-studded cast set against the backdrop of Italy’s greatest wonders. DIR Matteo Garrone. SCR Edoardo Albinati, Ugo Chiti, Matteo Garrone, Massimo Gaudioso. CAST Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, Shirley Henderson, Hayley Carmichael, Bebe Cave, Stacy Martin, Christian Lees, Jonah Lees, Guillaume Delaunay, Alba Rohrwacher, Massimo Ceccherini, John C. Reilly. Italy.

1916. While war rages in the Ottoman Empire, Hussein raises his younger brother Theeb (“Wolf”) in a traditional Bedouin community that is isolated by the vast, unforgiving desert. The brothers' quiet existence is suddenly interrupted when a British Army officer and his guide ask Hussein to escort them to a water well located along the old pilgrimage route to Mecca. So as not to dishonor his recently deceased father, Hussein agrees to lead them on the long and treacherous journey. The young, mischievous Theeb secretly chases after his brother, but the group soon find themselves trapped amidst threatening terrain riddled with Ottoman mercenaries, Arab revolutionaries, and outcast Bedouin raiders. Naji Abu Nowar's powerful and assured directorial debut, set in the land of Lawrence of Arabia, is a wondrous “Bedouin Western” about a boy who, in order to survive, must become a man and live up to the name his father gave him. Running time: 100 minutes. In Arabic, with English subtitles.

1981, HBO Films, 115 min, USA, Dir: Peter Bogdanovich
Director Peter Bogdanovich uses the private-eye genre as a vehicle to deliver deeply romantic insights about love, marriage and regret. John Ritter and Ben Gazzara work for the Odyssey Detective Agency, a firm where the investigators are more concerned with their own complicated love lives than with solving any cases. Audrey Hepburn and Dorothy Stratten co-star in this hilarious ensemble dramedy, a film that Quentin Tarantino declared one of the 10 greatest ever made.

A day-long series of discussions and screenings, including:
* Unedited footage: “Los Angeles, 1920” - Brief screening includes images of Echo Park, Broadway, Olive Street, Mack Sennett Studios, First National Exhibitors', Consolidated Film Corporation, Fox Film Corporation, Film Row, film distributors, the Rosslyn Hotel and street scenes. Live musical accompaniment provided by Cliff Retallick.
* Session 1: Lost Angeles: Preserving the City on Non-Theatrical Film - Local moving image archivists will discuss and present examples of ephemeral works that document the city in unexpected ways.  Context to include the long-term preservation issues and priorities associated with non-studio footage. Presenters:  Lynne Kirste, Academy Film Archive; Todd Wiener, UCLA Film & Television Archive; Dino Everett, USC Hugh M. Hefner Moving Image Archive.  Moderator: Dan Streible, NYU, Moving Image Archiving and Preservation.
* Session 2: Unexpected Travelogues - Academics will illuminate the city and its spaces from various perspectives derived from disparate sources of archival motion pictures, television programs, and ephemeral films. Presenters:  Janet Bergstrom, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television; Mark Shiel, Kings College; Lynn Spigel, Northwestern University.  Moderator: John Caldwell, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.
* Clip: “Ralph Story’s Los Angeles” - Clip looks at the Jewish community in Boyle Heights. Introduction:  Dan Einstein, UCLA Film & Television Archive.
* Session 3: In Plain Sight – Hidden Los Angeles Through the Archive - Obscure moving images reveal the Los Angeles that Hollywood ignores; the importance of preserving marginalized communities is examined through archival footage.  Presenters:  Jacqueline Najuma Stewart, University of Chicago; Lane Ryo Hirabayashi, UCLA Department of Asian American Studies; Marsha Goodman, filmmaker; Allyson Nadia Field, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.  Moderator: Jacqueline Najuma Stewart.
* “Los Angeles: Wonder City of the West”  (1935) - Brief screening includes a visit to Olvera Street, numerous motion picture studios, and an appearance by Walt Disney. Introduction:  Jan-Christopher Horak, UCLA.
* Session 4: Framing the Shortfalls of the City in the Frame - Activists utilize moving images to reveal the realities of the city, in direct contrast to Hollywood depictions. Presenters:  David James, USC; Joshua Glick, Hendrix College.  Moderator: Kathleen McHugh, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.
* Clips: “Oddball Film+Video Archive Looks at Los Angeles” - Introduction:  Stephen Parr.

This poetic experimental documentary captures with raw force the modern migrant experience in Europe, as seen through the eyes of a deceased shipwreck victim. DIR Morgan Knibbe. SCR Morgan Knibbe. Netherlands. Preceded By: YELLOW FIEBER - Athens was covered in a strange yellow dust. No one expected what was about to happen.

A financially struggling family man enters into a crackpot plan to find buried treasure in this masterfully deadpan comedy. DIR Corneliu Porumboiu. SCR Corneliu Porumboiu. CAST Cuzin Toma, Adrian Purcarescu, Corneliu Cozmei, Cristina Toma, Nicodim Toma. France/Romania. Preceded By: FRANKENSTEIN’S BRIDE (LA NOVIA DE FRANKENSTEIN) - At her summer job, Ivana learns it's easy to create a circle of lies, fiction and love when you're bored.

A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game. The police, led by Captain Peter Holly (Charlton Heston) and SWAT commander Sergeant Button (John Cassavetes), learn of the plot and rush to the scene. Still, they may be too late, as an all-star cast finds itself lined up in the sights of a gun-toting madman. Dir. Larry Peerce, 1976.

A Turkish teenager dreams of leaving her abusive home and moving in with her father, a long-distance truck driver. DIR Emine Emel Balci. SCR Emine Emel Balci. CAST Esme Madra, Riza Akin, Sema Keçik, Gizem Denizci, Ece Yüksel, Ugur Uzunel, Yavuz Pekman, Pinar Gök, Yavuz Özata. Turkey/Germany. North American Premiere. Preceded By: MAMAN(S) - Eight-year-old Aida and her family are thrown into chaos when her father returns from Senegal with a new wife.

After an international auto theft sting, major crimes detective Do-cheol is treated to a night at an exclusive club where he is introduced to Sunjin Group’s third-in-line, Tae-oh. Animosity quickly arises between the two as Tae-oh’s rude behavior rubs Do-cheol the wrong way. Convinced that Tae-oh is a drug addict, Do-cheol tries to investigate, but is stopped by his boss. Meanwhile, Tae-on runs into Bae, a truck driver who helped Do-cheol with his auto theft case, protesting outside the company headquarters to get his overdue wages. Tae-oh invites Bae up to his office to write him a cheque. But Bae isn’t let off easily -- not before he is humiliated and beaten for Tae-oh’s amusement. Bae is subsequently hospitalized but his son finds Do-cheol’s card and calls for help. Do-cheol feels responsible and decides to get Tae-oh, no matter how much Tae-oh tries to sabotage the investigation. Running time: 124 minutes. In Korean, with English subtitles. Followed by a Q&A with writer/director Ryoo Seung-wan.

The central character in this comedy set amid a snowy Yazidi Kurdish village in post-Soviet Armenia is Hamo, a widower with three worthless sons. Hamo is so poor that he’s about to sell off his treasured military uniform when he meets Nina, a lovely widow who works at the village’s sparsely attended bar, Vodka Lemon, which is about to close. Selected to play at the Toronto Film Festival and in MoMA’s New Directors / New Films Festival. (2003, Dir. Hiner Saleem, 88 min.)

A quintessential American adventure with a delicious French mystery, “Voyagers Without Trace” is about three young Parisians who, in 1938, had a bold, even foolhardy plan: be the first to take kayaks down the wild Green and Colorado rivers. They recorded the journey, creating the first adventure film shot in vivid color. But the reels went unseen for 75 years, until director Ian McCluskey went on a historical treasure hunt, learning to paddle the same waters, searching for clues. What led an explorer, his new bride, and his best friend halfway around the world on the eve of World War II? What secrets do flooded canyons and a weathered journal still hold? Ian traces the trio's wake back to Europe, uncovering unexpected links to the French Resistance, the advent of the French Riviera, and the possibilities free-spirited risk-taking offers to all. DIR. Ian McCluskey, 1 hour 20 min.

Wanda  (1971)
Filmmaker Barbara Loden's neo-realist gem depicts a rural Pennsylvania housewife's lost flight to nowhere.  Dragged seemingly by the wind into a relationship with a small-time crook, Wanda floats through her own life as if a witness to it; a view of desperation filtered through a tinted windshield.  One of the most authentic visions of Middle America ever committed to screen.
35mm, color, 105 min.  Production: Foundation for Filmmakers.  Producer: Barbara Loden.  Director: Barbara Loden.  Screenwriter: Barbara Loden.  Cinematographer: Nicholas T. Proferes.  Editor: Nicholas T. Proferes.  With: Michael Higgins, Barbara Loden, Frank Jourdano, Valerie Manches, Dorothy Shupenes.

When a routine mission in Afghanistan turns ugly, a company commander must make an impossible decision to save his men. DIR Tobias Lindholm. SCR Tobias Lindholm. CAST Pilou Asbæk, Tuva Novotny, Dar Salim, Søren Malling, Charlotte Munck, Dulfi Al-Jabouri. Denmark. U.S. Premiere

Adulthood and childhood, fathers and sons: after seeing the movie "The Kid with a Bike" an 11-year old child from a foster family sends his thoughts about those topics to Luc Dardenne. A long distance debate ensues. The result is a surprising film which reveals cinema as an instrument of freedom. DIR. Alice Fargier, 24 min

In Michael Moore’s latest call to action, the documentary filmmaker spends time in countries around the world, looking at alternative ways of dealing with social and economic problems plaguing America.

This drama from Joachim Lafosse centers on the 2007 Zoé’s Ark scandal, when a French NGO illegally trafficked orphans out of war-torn Africa. DIR Joachim Lafosse. SCR Joachim Lafosse, Bulle Decarpentries, Thomas Van Zuylen. CAST Vincent Lindon, Valérie Donzelli, Reda Kateb, Louise Bourgoin, Rougalta Bintou Saleh. France/Belgium

Winner of the Grand Prix at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and a standout at the New York Film Festival, young Italian filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher's (Corpo Celeste) entrancing, richly textured drama centers on a family of beekeepers living in stark isolation in the Tuscan countryside. The dynamic of their overcrowded household is disrupted by the simultaneous arrival of a silently troubled teenaged boy taken in as a farmhand and a reality TV show (featuring a host played by Monica Bellucci) intent on showcasing the family. Both intrusions are of particular interest to the eldest daughter, Gelsomina (Maria Alexandra Lungu), who is struggling to find her footing in the world, and Rohrwacher conveys her adolescent sense of wonder and confusion with graceful naturalism. Running time: 110 minutes. In Italian, with English subtitles.

In a cultural exchange with Winnipeg – the fabled film power-spot in the Canadian prairies – ambassador Aaron Zeghers brings down this exotic sampling of their native experimenta! A vibrant community short on professional gear has yet managed to cultivate its own ingenious aesthetic. Artists engage in a dizzying array of appropriation modes—whether applying temporary tattoos to 35mm trailers (Mike Maryniuk’s Tattoo Step), reconfiguring early educationals (Darryl Nepinak/Clint Enns’ I for NDN), or forming new works from scraps (Jim Pomeroy’s Re:Cycled, Rhayne Vermette’s Scene Missing). Featuring no less than twenty Manitoba makers—including Guy Maddin, Scott Fitzpatrick, Walter Forsberg, Heidi Phillips, Leslie Supnet, and Matthew Rankin — a special feature of this 100 min. program is its showcasing of S8mm & 16mm projection as well as filmmakers in attendance. SCREENING:
* These Are some of My Friends – Stéphane Oystryk – super8 print
* This Is It – Damien Ferland – super8 probably on video
* I for NDN – Daryll Nepinak & Clint Enns- video
* Gains + Losses – Leslie Supnet – video
* Semi-Auto Colours – Isiah Medina – video
* Sinclair – Guy Maddin – video
* Dingbat’s Revenge – Scott Fitzpatrick – video
* A Bit Transcendental – Patrick Lowe – 16 print
* Fahrenheit 7/11 – Walter Foresberg – video
* Scene Missing – Rhayne Vermette – 16 on video
* Revival – Heidi Phillips – 16 on video or print, waiting to hear back re: format
* Second Sun – Leslie Supnet – super8 print
* Tattoo Step – Mike Maryniuk – 35mm on video
* 5 Cents a Copy – Ed Ackerman & Gregory Zbitnew- 16 print
* Re:Cycled – Jim Pomeroy – 16 on video
* Mynarski Death Plummet – Matthew Rankin – 35mm on video
* Holland, Man. – Aaron Zeghers – video

You've Been Trumped 
95 min, Documentary, 2011. Director: Anthony Baxter
Emerging Pictures is pleased to bring you the acclaimed documentary about one of Donald Trump's mega projects, YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED.
New York magazine called YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED a "riveting expose". It documents the story of billionaire and Presidential hopeful Donald Trump's battle with a rural Scottish community. This is a funny, inspiring, heartbreaking I-can't-believe-it's-true tale.