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wed. nov. 1

colleen, mary lattimore @ zebulon

thu. nov. 2

daniel johnston @ orpheum
goblin @ regent

sat. nov. 4

itasca @ bootleg
wand @ hi hat
romance tropical @ ucla film archive

mon. nov. 6

noyes @ lot 1

wed. nov. 8

survive @ ace hotel theatre

fri. nov. 10

in the fade FREE 6:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
hochelaga land of souls FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
shorts program one FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
life and nothing more FREE 7:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
call me by your name FREE 7:30 PM @ afi fest @ tcl chinese
hannah FREE 7:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
guess who's coming to dinner FREE 8:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
mr long FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
the shape of water FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
shorts program two FREE 9:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the long goodbye FREE 10 PM @ afi fest @ afi mark goodson
pendular FREE 10pm chinese 3
shorts program six FREE 11:59pm chinese 6
eraserhead MIDNIGHT @ nuart

sat. nov. 11

loveless FREE 12:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
wajib FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
claire's camera FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
a gentle creature FREE 2 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
los caifanes FREE 3:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
sollers point FREE 3:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
the day after FREE 3:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
what will people say FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
shorts program five FREE 5:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
mr roosevelt FREE 6 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
closeness FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
sweet country FREE 8:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
thelma FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
la collectionneuse FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
shorts program three FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
western FREE 9:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
good manners FREE 10:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1

sun. nov. 12

milla FREE 12 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
good manners FREE 12 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
shorts program six FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
film stars don't die in liverpool FREE 1:30 PM @ afi fest @ tcl chinese
life and nothing more FREE 1:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
shorts program four FREE 3:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
filmworker FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
april's daughter FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
on body and soul FREE 5 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
fits and starts FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6 
newton FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
winter brothers FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
thoroughbreds FREE 9 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
the other side of hope FREE 9 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
mrs hyde FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
have a nice day FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
beauty and the dogs FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
let the corpses tan FREE 11:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6

mon. nov. 13

loveless FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
thelma FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
hochelaga land of souls FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
hannah FREE 1:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
sollers point FREE 1:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
mr long FREE 2 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
shorts program one FREE 3:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
a gentle creature FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
sweet country FREE 4:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
pendular FREE 4:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
mr roosevelt FREE 4:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
shorts program two FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the insult FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
jim & andy: the great beyond FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
i am not a witch FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
the endless FREE 7:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
marlina the murderer in four acts FREE 7:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
let the corpses tan FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
california dreams FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6

tue. nov. 14

beauty and the dogs FREE 12:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
claire's camera FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
milla FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
thoroughbreds FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
newton FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
western FREE 3:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
shorts program five FREE 4:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
have a nice day FREE 4:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
the ballad of lefty brown FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
el mar la mar FREE 6:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
ava FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
shorts program four FREE 7:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
in the fade FREE 7:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
fits and starts FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
foxtrot FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
shorts program three FREE 9:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the clientele @ teragram

wed. nov. 15

on body and soul FREE 12 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
what will people say FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
foxtrot FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
kansas city FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
jim & andy: the great beyond FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
the endless FREE 3 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
april's daughter FREE 3:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
mrs hyde FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
marlina the murderer in four acts FREE 4:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
the ballad of lefty brown FREE 6 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
winter brothers FREE 6 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
a ciambra FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
happy end FREE 7 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
i tonya FREE 7:45 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian
closeness FREE 8:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
the other side of hope FREE 9 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
el mar la mar FREE 9:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
california dreams FREE 10 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 2
upset @ bootleg
hope sandoval @ zebulon
casablanca 2:00 7:00 PM @ century city 15, citywalk 18

thu. nov. 16

happy end FREE 12:30 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
the day after FREE 12:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
the insult FREE 1 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 4
i am not a witch FREE 1:15 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 3
ava FREE 3 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 6
i tonya FREE 4 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 1
wajib FREE 4:45 PM @ afi fest @ chinese 5
a ciambra FREE 6:30 PM @ afi fest @ egyptian

fri. nov. 17

dead meadow @ wayfarer
mark bray discusses "antifa: the anti-fascist handbook" FREE @ skylight books

fri. dec. 1

true widow @ resident

fri. dec. 15

thee oh sees @ teragram

sat. dec. 16

thee oh sees @ teragram


Jonas Carpignano’s sophomore feature follows Pio, a streetwise teen in Calabria who must step up when his older brother lands in trouble with the police. DIR Jonas Carpignano. SCR Jonas Carpignano. CAST Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon, Iolanda Amato, Damiano Amato, Francesco Pio Amato, Patrizia Amato, Rocco Amato, Susanna Amato. Italy, USA, France, Sweden

In AFI FEST alum Michel Franco’s latest feature, a domineering mother suddenly arrives to assist with her teenage daughter’s pregnancy. But her true motives will soon emerge. DIR Michel Franco. SCR Michel Franco. CAST Emma Suarez, Ana Valeria Becerril, Enrique Arrizon, Joanna Larequi, Hernan Mendoza. Mexico

After an adolescent girl discovers she will soon go blind, she confronts the problem in her own way in this disturbing, visually bold debut. DIR Léa Mysius. SCR Léa Mysius, Paul Guilhaume. CAST Noée Abita, Laure Calamy, Juan Cano. France

Bill Pullman gives a career-best performance in Jared Moshé’s cleverly scripted, thrilling love letter to the Western. DIR/SCR Jared Moshé. CAST Bill Pullman, Kathy Baker, Jim Caviezel, Tommy Flanagan, Peter Fonda. USA

Following a sexual assault, a young Tunisian woman must descend into a bureaucratic hell to report the incident and find justice. DIR Kaouther Ben Hania. SCR Kaouther Ben Hania. CAST Mariam Al Ferjani, Ghanem Zrelli, Noomane Hamda, Mohamed Akkari, Chedly Arfaoui, Anissa Daoud, Mourad Gharsalli. Tunisia, France, Sweden, Norway, Lebanon, Qatar, Switzerland

Beautiful and multilayered, Mike Ott’s latest work of docufiction centers on struggling individuals in Valencia, CA, and the profound chasm between their lives and dreams of stardom. DIR Mike Ott. CAST Cory Zacharia, Patrick Ilaguno, Carolan J. Pinto, Neil Harley, Kevin Gilger AKA K-Nine. USA

The new film from Sony Pictures Classics by Luca Guadagnino is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love, based on the acclaimed novel by André Aciman. It’s the summer of 1983 in the north of Italy, and Elio Perlman (Timothée Chalamet), a precocious 17-year-old American-Italian boy, spends his days in his family’s 17th-century villa, transcribing and playing classical music, reading and flirting with his friend Marzia (Esther Garrel). Elio enjoys a close relationship with his father (Michael Stuhlbarg), an eminent professor specializing in Greco-Roman culture, and his mother Annella (Amira Casar), a translator, who favor him with the fruits of high culture in a setting that overflows with natural delights. While Elio’s sophistication and intellectual gifts suggest he is already a fully-fledged adult, there is much that yet remains innocent and unformed about him, particularly about matters of the heart. One day, Oliver (Armie Hammer), a charming American scholar working on his doctorate, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio’s father. Amid the sun-drenched splendor of the setting, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever.

This charming entry from Hong Sang-soo centers on the friendship between a Korean woman (Kim Min-hee) who’s recently lost her job and a wise Parisian teacher (Isabelle Huppert). DIR Hong Sang-soo. SCR Hong Sang-soo. CAST Isabelle Huppert, Kim Min-hee, Chang Mi-hee, Jung Jin-young. South Korea

Controversial and beloved in equal measure, the film centers on a young woman eking out an existence in a remote region of Russia, and the choices she must face when her brother and his fiancée are kidnapped. DIR Kantemir Balagov. SCR Kantemir Balagov, Anton Yarush. CAST Atrem Cipin, Olga Dragunova, Veniamin Kac, Darya Zhovnar, Nazir Zhukov. Russia

Infused with director Hong Sang-soo’s signature realism and humor, this film follows an aspiring writer who gets caught up in the spectacular drama of her boss’ personal life. DIR Hong Sang-soo. SCR Hong Sang-soo. CAST Kwon Haehyo, Kim Min-hee, Kim Sae-byuk, Cho Yun-hee, Ki Ju-bong, Park Yea-ju, Kang Taeu. South Korea

A stunning new film from Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab, EL MAR LA MAR dives into matters of life and death at the U.S.-Mexico border in the Sonoran Desert, where legions of immigrants are dying to cross. DIR/SCR Joshua Bonnetta & J.P. Sniadecki. USA

Filmmaking duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead return with another fiercely original sci-fi horror film, this time set in a UFO death cult. DIR Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead. SCR Justin Benson. CAST Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, Callie Hernandez, Tate Ellington. USA

Annette Bening stars as Gloria Grahame and Jamie Bell as her young ex-lover in this visually sumptuous, deeply compassionate romance. DIR Paul McGuigan. SCR Matt Greenhalgh. CAST Annette Bening, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Vanessa Redgrave. USA

The relationship between master Stanley Kubrick and his right-hand-man, actor turned “filmworker” Leon Vitali, is a moving portrait of total dedication to art and genius. DIR Tony Zierra. FEATURING Leon Vitali, Ryan O’Neal, Matthew Modine, Danny Lloyd, Stellan Skarsgard. USA

Wyatt Cenac and Greta Lee star in this fantastic and funny debut centering on two married writers — one successful, the other not so much. DIR/SCR Laura Terruso. CAST Wyatt Cenac, Greta Lee, Maria Dizzia. USA. PRECEDED BY: TAKEOUT NIGHT – An incident with a neighboring mom causes a couple to reevaluate a very big decision. DIR Duncan Birmingham. SCR Duncan Birmingham. CAST Rachel Sondag, Frances Chewning, Duncan Birmingham. USA

An Israeli couple mourns the death of their soldier son in this audacious depiction of war and loss. DIR Samuel Maoz. SCR Samuel Maoz. CAST Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler, Yonatan Shiray, Gefen Barkai, Dekel Adin, Shaul Amir, Itay Exlroad. Israel, Germany, France, Switzerland

An unnamed woman, trying to reach her imprisoned husband, descends into the bureaucratic hell of the Russian penal system in this masterful epic. DIR Sergei Loznitsa. SCR Sergei Loznitsa. CAST Vasilina Makovtseva, Marina Kleshcheva, Lia Akhedzhakova, Valeriu Andriuta, Boris Kamorzin, Sergei Kolesov. France, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands

Clara gets a nanny job for a high-class woman with an intensifying hunger for meat in this genre-bending tale of love, sacrifice and compassion. DIR Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra. SCR Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra. CAST Isabél Zuaa, Marjorie Estiano, Miguel Lobo. Brazil, France

Anchored by powerful performances by Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, this Oscar-winning, groundbreaking masterpiece centers on an interracial romance in the 1960s. DIR Stanley Kramer. SCR William Rose. CAST Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Houghton, Cecil Kellaway, Beah Richards, Roy Glenn. USA

Charlotte Rampling gives another career-defining performance in this taut and layered film as a woman dealing with the fallout of an abhorrent crime committed by her husband. DIR Andrea Pallaoro. SCR Andrea Pallaoro, Orlando Tirado. CAST Charlotte Rampling, Andre Wilms. Italy, Belgium, France

Austrian auteur Michael Haneke returns with another chilling masterwork starring Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant, focusing on a dysfunctional wealthy family. DIR Michael Haneke. SCR Michael Haneke. CAST Isabelle Huppert, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Mathieu Kassovitz, Fantine Harduin, Franz Rogowski, Laura Verlinden, Aurelia Petit, Toby Jones. France, Austria, Germany

This morbid, hilarious animated noir cuts deep into the greed fueling the Chinese economic miracle. DIR/SCR Liu Jian. CAST Zhu Changlong, Cao Kai, Liu Jian, Yang Siming, Shi Haitao, Ma Xiaofeng, Xue Feng, Zheng Yi. China

The history of Montreal is told with a poetic, episodic structure in this time-jumping drama, arriving in the year of Canada’s 150th anniversary. DIR François Girard. SCR Francois Girard. CAST Samian, Vincent Perez, Raoul Trujillo, Wahiakeron Gilbert, Emmanuel Schwartz, Tanaya Beatty, David La Haye, Sebastien Ricard, Sian Phillips, Linus Roache, Gilles Renaud, Naiade Aoun, Tony Nardi. Canada

A nine-year-old girl ignites a rebellion in the witch camp where she’s been imprisoned, in this bold debut that beautifully mixes satire, superstition and ambiguity. DIR/SCR Rungano Nyoni. CAST Margaret Mulubwa, Henry B.J. Phiri, Nancy Mulilo. France, UK, Germany

When a Palestinian refugee and a Christian nationalist have a fateful crossing of paths, long-simmering tensions in modern-day Lebanon rise to the surface — and spiral out of control. DIR Ziad Doueiri. SCR Ziad Doueiri, Joëlle Touma. CAST Adel Karam, Kamel El Basha, Camille Salameh, Diamand Bou Abboud, Rita Hayek, Talal El Jurdi, Christine Choueiri, Julia Kassar, Rifaat Torbey, Carlos Chahine. Lebanon, France

Diane Kruger gives a career-topping performance in Fatih Akin’s complex thriller that follows a woman’s search for justice after an act of terrorism shatters her life. DIR Fatih Akin. SCR Fatih Akin, Hark Bohm. CAST Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Johannes Krisch, Samia Chancrin, Numan Acar, Ulrich Tukur, Rafael Santana, Hanna Hilsdorf. Germany, France

Margot Robbie stars as tabloid-bait figure skater Tonya Harding in this unforgettable film that is nothing less than a Shakespearean tale of love, loss and the crushing force of poverty in America. DIR Craig Gillespie. SCR Steven Rogers. CAST Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, Allison Janney, Paul Walter Hauser, Julianne Nicholson, Bobby Cannavale, Mckenna Grace. USA

In this insightful documentary, Jim Carrey reflects on his experience playing legendary comedian Andy Kaufman in 1999’s MAN ON THE MOON. DIR Chris Smith. FEATURING Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Milos Forman, Judd Hirsch, Carol Kane, Paul Giamatti, Bob Zmuda. USA

The third of Eric Rohmer’s “Six Moral Tales” centers on two men and a rules-breaking woman, rumored to be a “collector” of the opposite sex, staying together on the Riviera. DIR Eric Rohmer. SCR Haydee Politoff, Patrick Bauchau, Daniel Pommereulle, Eric Rohmer. CAST Haydee Politoff, Patrick Bauchau, Daniel Pommereulle, Alain Jouffroy, Mijanou, Annik Morice, Denis Berry, Seymour Hertzberg. France

A sun-soaked adventure fueled by machine-gunfire and leather, LET THE CORPSES TAN is an audacious heist film with style to burn. DIR Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani. SCR Helene Cattet, Bruno Forzani. CAST Elina Lowensohn, Stephane Ferrara, Herve Sogne, Bernie Bonvoisin, Pierre Nisse, Marc Barbe, Michelangelo Marchese. Belgium, France

AFI FEST alum Antonio Méndez Esparza’s sophomore feature follows the day-to-day struggles of an African-American mother and her troubled son, who is getting ever closer to following in his imprisoned father’s footsteps. DIR/SCR Antonio Méndez Esparza. CAST Andrew Bleechington, Regina Williams, Robert Williams, Ry’Nesia Chambers. USA

A wealthy couple gets an impromptu tour around Mexico City from an urban gang in this outrageous, ahead-of-its-time Mexican cinema classic. DIR Juan Ibanez. SCR Carlos Fuentes, Juan Ibanez. CAST Julissa, Enrique Alvarez Felix, Oscar Chavez, Ernesto Gomez Cruz, Sergio Jumenez, Eduardo Lopez Rojas, Tamara Garina, Martha Zabaleta. Mexico

Russian auteur Andrey Zvyagintsev returns to AFI FEST with a gut-wrenching drama about a divorcing couple who just want to offload their young son — that is, until he disappears. DIR Andrey Zvyagintsev. SCR Oleg Negin, Andrey Zvyagintsev. CAST Maryana Spivak, Alexey Rozin, Matvey Novikov, Marina Vasilyeva, Andris Keishs, Alexey Fateev. Russia, France, Belgium, Germany

A humble Indonesian woman becomes a stealthy master of revenge in this modern feminist Western. DIR Mouly Surya. SCR Mouly Surya, Rama Adi. CAST Marsha Timothy, Dea Panendra, Yoga Pratama, Egi Fedly. Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand

The happy but impoverished life-on-the-fringes of a young French couple is captured with observational care and quiet grace in this striking new work. DIR/SCR Valérie Massadian. CAST Severine Jonckeere, Luc Chessel, Ethan Jonckeere. France

Isabelle Huppert is sublime as MADAME HYDE, a meek chemistry teacher who experiences a fantastic awakening following a lab accident. DIR Serge Bozon. SCR Axelle Ropert, Serge Bozon. CAST Isabelle Huppert, Romain Duris, Jose Garcia, Adda Senani, Guillaume Verdier, Patricia Barzyk, Pierre Leon, Jamal Barbouche. France, Belgium

In this deft, soulful work of genre filmmaking, a notorious hitman trying to allude gangsters finds refuge in a dilapidated part of Tokyo, where he befriends a troubled mother and her child. DIR SABU. SCR SABU. CAST Chang Chen, Sho Aoyagi, Yiti Yao, Runyin Bai. Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Germany

Triple threat Noël Wells directs, writes and stars in this funny tale of a struggling comedian returning to her hometown to mourn an old pet, and play third wheel to her ex and his new girlfriend. DIR/SCR Noël Wells. CAST Noël Wells, Nick Thune, Britt Lower, Daniella Pineda, Andre Hyland. USA

Directed by Dee Rees and co-written by Virgil Williams and Rees, the Opening Night Gala will take place on Thursday, November 9, 2017, at the historic TCL Chinese Theatre. Set in the rural American South during World War II, Dee Rees’ MUDBOUND is an epic story of two families pitted against one another by a ruthless social hierarchy, yet bound together by the shared farmland of the Mississippi Delta. MUDBOUND follows the McAllan family, newly transplanted from the quiet civility of Memphis and unprepared for the harsh demands of farming. Despite the grandiose dreams of Henry (Jason Clarke), his wife Laura (Carey Mulligan) struggles to keep the faith in her husband’s losing venture.

An idealistic election monitor is determined to make the voices of 76 villagers heard in this humorous and humanistic portrait of Indian democracy. DIR Amit V Masurkar. SCR Mayank Tewari, Amit V Masurkar. CAST Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil, Raghubir Yadav. India

In this Berlinale Golden Bear winner, two very different employees at a slaughterhouse discover they share the same dreams at night. DIR Ildiko Enyedi. SCR Ildiko Enyedi. CAST Alexandra Borbely, Geza Morcsanyi, Reka Tenki, Zoltan Schneider, Ervin Nagy, Pal Macsai, Itala Bekes, Tamas Jordan, Eva Bata. Hungary

Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki turns his sights on a Syrian refugee in Helsinki in this moving, hopeful and hilariously deadpan masterwork. DIR Aki Kaurismäki. SCR Aki Kaurismäki. CAST Sherwan Haji, Sakari Kuosmanen, Ilkka Koivula, Janne Hyytiäinen, Nuppu Koivu, Kaija Pakarinen, Niroz Haji, Simon Hussein Al-Bazoon. Finland, Germany

This intense and unforgettable debut melds sculpture, dance and film in a tale brimming with sexual passion. DIR/SCR Júlia Murat, Matias Mariani. CAST Raquel Karro, Rodrigo Bolzan, Neto Machado, Marcio Vito, Felipe Rocha, Renato Linhares, Larissa Siqueira, Carlos Eduardo Santos, Valeria Barretta, Martina Revollo. Argentina, Brazil, France

Romance tropical
(Puerto Rico, 1934)
The first Puerto Rican sound feature ever made, this film was considered lost for over 80 years, before a print was located in the PHI/Krypton Collection at UCLA. The story concerns a young man who discovers a pre-modern tribe on an island and a fortune in pearls, subsequently falling in love with a beautiful native woman, while his upper-class sweetheart waits in the city. Many famous Puerto Ricans worked on the film, including screenwriter Luis Palés Matos, a national poet and one of the founders of Afro-Antillano poetry, and composer Rafael Muñoz, the Island’s most famous big band leader. Puerto Rican film pioneer and Hollywood veteran Juan E. Viguié produced the film with a $10,000 loan, after seeing Santa (1932) in a San Juan cinema. Like She-Devil Island (1936), the film presents a parable of colonialist exploitation of third world peoples, ironically wrapped in an exotic adventure narrative. 35mm, b/w, 80 min. In Spanish with English subtitles. Director: Juan E. Viguié.

Set at the height of the Cold War, Guillermo del Toro’s latest stars Sally Hawkins in an otherworldly love tale between a mute cleaning lady and an Amphibian Man. DIR Guillermo del Toro. SCR Guillermo del Toro, Vanessa Taylor. CAST Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Doug Jones, Michael Stuhlbarg, Octavia Spencer. USA

* TEN METER TOWER – A 10-meter diving tower forces people to confront their fears. DIR Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson. SCR Maximilien Van Aertryck, Axel Danielson. Sweden
* COPA-LOCA – Paulina is the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. DIR Christos Massalas. SCR Christos Massalas. CAST Elsa Lekakou, Jenny Hiloudaki, Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Talat Iqbal, Stathis Stamoulakatos, Michalis Pitidis, Fotis Stratigos, Nadia Katsoura, Panos Iosifidis, George Ramantanis, Jon Simvonis. Greece
* SHINAAB – A young Anishinaabe man is haunted by thoughts of home. DIR Lyle Mitchell Corbine, Jr. SRC Lyle Mitchell Corbine, Jr. CAST Ajuawak Kapashesit, Brian Joyce, Zoe Corbine-Daniels, Anna Stranz, John Edel, Tyson Lietz. USA
* CUBS (UNGAR) – A single father fulfills his young daughter’s wish to throw a slumber party. DIR Nanna Kristin Magnusdottir. SCR Nanna Kristin Magnusdottir. CAST Olafur Darri Olafsson, Agla Briet Gisladottir, Anna Bibi Wium Axelsdottir, Ragnheiour Ugla Ocares Gautsdottir. Iceland
* THE 6TH AMENDMENT - A jury decides the fate of one of the Boston Marathon bombers. DIR Elika Portnoy. SCR Mike Harden, Rob Tremblay. CAST Michael Bakkensen, Tony V., Shawn Fitzgibbon, Rose Weaver, Brookes Reeves, Mary Niederkorn, JP Valenti, Debbie Lewis, Melissa Schmidt, Courtland Jones, Tonya Chen, Richard Pacheco, Steve Assad. Bulgaria
* THE TOWN I LIVE IN – Artists and activists clash over the future of a rapidly gentrifying Los Angeles neighborhood. DIR Guadalupe Rosales, Matt Wolf. USA
* A GENTLE NIGHT (XIAO CHENG ER YUE) – A mother, with a missing daughter, refuses to stop searching. DIR Qiu Yang. SCR: Qiu Yang. CAST Li Shuxian. China
(TRT: 96 mins)

* GAZE (NEGAH) – A woman witnesses a crime on a bus. DIR Farnoosh Samadi SCR Farnoosh Samadi, Ali Asgari. CAST Marzieh Vafamehr, Amirreza Ranjbaran, Pedram Ansari, Safoura Kazempour, Gholamreza Rahimi, Mehrdad Mohammadi, Kiana Asadi, Mehran Elhamifar, Babak Karimi. Iran, Italy
* MR. YELLOW SWEATSHIRT – A man enters the New York City subway. DIR Pacho Velez, Yoni Brook. USA
* DADYAA – THE WOODPECKERS OF ROTHA - Atimaley and Devi are faced with a dilemma when a friend leaves without saying goodbye. DIR Pooja Gurung, Bibhusan Basnet. SCR Pooja Gurung, Bibhusan Basnet. CAST Parimal Damai, Chham Kala Damai. Nepal, France
* HOUSE OF JXN – A glimpse into the dance clubs and Rainbow families of Jackson, MS. DIR Rosie Haber. USA
* LIFE BOAT – Six teenagers are led into a game of survival by their guidance counselor. DIR Lorraine Nicholson. SCR Lorraine Nicholson. CAST Elizabeth Gilpin, Stephen Dorff, Moises Arias, Kwame Boateng, Hopper Penn, B.K. Cannon, Chloe Bridges. USA
* MARE NOSTRUM – A Syrian father prepares his daughter for a dangerous journey. DIR Rana Kazkaz, Anas Khalaf. SCR Rana Kazkaz. CAST Ziad Bakri, Zayn Khalaf. France, Syrian Arab Republic
* AFTER SCHOOL KNIFE FIGHT – Laetitia, Roca, Nico and Nael are in a band that soon will no longer exist. DIR Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel. SCR Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel. CAST Lucas Doméjean, Marylou Mayniel, Pablo Cobo, Nicolas Mias. France
(TRT: 103 mins)

* FISH STORY – A search for the truth behind a fishy tale. DIR Charlie Lyne. SCR Charlie Lyne. FEATURING Caspar Salmon. UK
* VISIONS OF AN ISLAND – Impressions of an island in the Bering Sea. DIR Sky Hopinka. USA
* NATIONAL DISINTEGRATIONS – A peek inside Swiss freeports, where many of the world’s art treasures are hidden. DIR Braden King. USA, Switzerland
* COMMODITY CITY – A glimpse at the goods for sale and the humans who sell them in the largest wholesale consumer market in the world. DIR Jessica Kingdon. USA, China
* THE DIVER – Take a plunge with the man who excavates Mexico City’s sewage system. DIR Esteban Arrangoiz. SCR Esteban Arrangoiz, Mariana Rodriguez. FEATURING Julio Cesar Cu Camara. Mexico
* IFO - Historic UFO sightings over Mansfield, OH, are evoked through memory, report and gesture. DIR Kevin Jerome Everson. FEATURING Albert Thomas, Elijah Bailey Harris, Saveon Moore, Carmenita Higginbotham, Matilda Washington, Tre’Zhan Gamble. USA
* SILICA – An exploration of territorial constructs and the boundaries of the real and the mediated in an opal mining town in the South Australian desert. DIR Pia Borg. SCR Pia Borg. FEATURING Nicolette Krebitz. Australia, UK
(TRT: 99 mins)

* THE BURDEN – An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. DIR Niki Lindroth von Bahr. SCR Niki Lindroth von Bahr. CAST Olof Wretling, Sven Bjorklund, Mattias Fransson, Carl Englen. Sweden
* VICTOR & ISOLINA - Victor and Isolina answer questions about their lifelong, complex and arduous relationship. DIR William Caballero. FEATURING Victor Muriel, Isolina Muriel. USA
* NUTAG-HOMELAND – A hand-painted visual poem about the tragic mass deportations of the Kalmyk people during WWII. DIR Alisi Telengut. SCR Alisi Telengut. Canada
* HOW’S YOUR PROSTATE? – A discussion between two girlfriends. DIR Jeanne Paturle, Cecile Rousset SCR Jeanne Paturle, Cecile Rousset, Cecile Mille. CAST Cecile Mille. France
* NIGHTHAWK (NOCNA PTICA) – A drunk badger lies motionless on a road. DIR Spela Cadez SCR Gregor Zorc, Spela Cadez. CAST Andrej Nahtigal, Karin Komljanec, Gregor Zorc. Slovenia, Croatia
* ASCRIBED ACHIEVEMENTS – A failed suicide creates a new situation. DIR Samaneh Shojaei SCR Amin Kafashzadeh. CAST Amin Kafashzadeh. Iran
* LUPUS - In December 2011, a security guard was killed by a pack of stray dogs prowling in a poor neighborhood in Bogota. DIR Carlos Gomez Salamanca. SCR Carlos Gomez Salamanca. France
* THE TESLA WORLD LIGHT (TESLA: LUMIERE MONDIALE) – Visionary inventor Nikola Tesla makes one last appeal to J.P. Morgan, his onetime benefactor. DIR Matthew Rankin. SCR Matthew Rankin. CAST Robert Vilar. Canada
* EDGE OF ALCHEMY – Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor are cast into a surreal epic in this handmade film assembled from over 6,000 collages. DIR Stacey Steers. SCR Stacey Steers. USA
(TRT: 84 mins)

* STILL DEVOUT – An anxious 23-year-old, still living at home, must choose between romance and the needs of her family. DIR Melissa Perez. SCR Melissa Perez. CAST Valeria Chavez, Gloria Sandoval, J. Eddie Martinez, Antonio Sagastizado, Armando Heredia, Natalie Camunas. USA
* JOY JOY NAILS – Under the polish, everyone’s a victim. DIR Joey Ally. SCR Joey Ally. CAST Kahyun Kim, Yi Liu, Tae Song, Esther Moon, Shirley Kwon, Chris Yejin, Sarah Chang, Amber Sealey, Caryn West, Catherine Haena Kim, Jongman Kim. USA
* DOLLAR KING – It’s the perfect crime: three friends in pig masks with squirt guns at the dollar store. DIR Drew Pollins. SCR D.M. Brent. CAST Jason Boggs, John Charles Meyer, Ed Mattiuzzi, Susan Berger, John McCool Bowers, Ronnie Clark, Josh Harp. USA
* PET RITUALS – The frontwoman of a hardcore punk band struggles to cut ties with her boyfriend. DIR J. Casey Modderno. SCR Jarret Rosenblatt. CAST Sophia Duenas, Austin Ford, Maynor Alvarado, Casey Mills. USA
* THE FARE – A young human trafficker must confront his morals when he’s asked to transport a girl from his hometown. DIR Santiago Paladines. SCR Santiago Paladines. CAST Johnny Ortiz, Noemi Pedraza, Eduardo Roman. USA
(TRT: 100 mins)

* BALLOONFEST – Cleveland attempts to overcome its nickname, “The Mistake by the Lake.” DIR Nathan Truesdell. SCR Nathan Truesdell. USA
* HI STRANGER – It’s time to catch up with an old friend. DIR Kirsten Lepore. SCR Kirsten Lepore. CAST Garrett Davis. USA
* GREAT CHOICE – A woman gets stuck in a looping Red Lobster commercial from hell. DIR Robin Comisar. SCR Robin Comisar. CAST Carrie Coon, Morgan Spector. USA
* CLOWNS – Clowns! Suddenly, they’re everywhere. DIR The Manhattan Company. USA
* LANCE LIZARDI – A young man embarks on a reptilian adventure. DIR Xander Robin, FEATURING Lance Lizardi, James Bears, Robin Robin, Michael Kefeyalew, Valerie Brooks, Michael Casper, Gary Holzapple. USA
* HOT DOG HANDS – A suburban woman can’t stop growing new fingers. DIR Matt Reynolds SCR Matt Reynolds. CAST Gillian Wallace Horvat. USA
* ISLANDS (LES ILES) – Three characters wander through an erotic maze of love and desire. DIR Yann Gonzalez. SCR Yann Gonzalez. CAST Sarah-Megan Allouch, Thomas Ducasse, Alphonse Maitrepierre, Mathilde Mennetrier, Romain Merle, Simon Thiébaut. France
(TRT: 63 mins)

This moving portrait of one young man’s frustrated attempts to rise above his obstacles after being released from prison is the latest film from indie director Matt Porterfield. DIR/SCR Matthew Porterfield. CAST McCaul Lombardi, Jim Belushi, Zazie Beetz, Everleigh Brenner. USA

An Aboriginal man and his wife are forced to go on the run into the Outback in this brilliant, heart-rending revisionist Western set in 1929 Australia. DIR Warwick Thornton. SCR David Tranter, Steven McGregor. CAST Sam Neill, Bryan Brown, Ewen Leslie, Hamilton Morris, Thomas M. Wright, Matt Day, Natassia Gorey-Furber. Australia

A young Norwegian woman from a devoutly Christian background begins experiencing fantastic powers in the latest work from Joachim Trier. DIR Joachim Trier. SCR Eskil Vogt, Joachim Trier. CAST Eili Harboe, Kaya Wilkins, Henrik Rafaelsen, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Grethe Eltervag, Marte Magnusdotter Solem, Anders Mossling, Vanessa Borgli, Steinar Klouman Hallert, Ingrid Giaever, Oskar Pask, Gorm Gromer, Camilla Belsvik, Martha Kjorven. Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark

Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke star in this darkly comedic thriller that recalls films like HEAVENLY CREATURES and HEATHERS. DIR/SCR Cory Finley. CAST Olivia Cooke, Anya Taylor-Joy, Anton Yelchin, Paul Sparks, Francie Swift, Kaili Vernoff. USA

A Palestinian father and son deal with ideological differences as they drive around Nazareth delivering wedding invitations in this moving, subtle drama. DIR Annemarie Jacir. SCR Annemarie Jacir. CAST Mohammad Bakri, Saleh Bakri, Maria Zreik, Rana Alamuddin. Palestine, France, Germany, Colombia, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

Masculine hostility and violence simmer to the surface in this slow-burn masterstroke from new German auteur Valeska Grisebach. DIR Valeska Grisebach. SCR Valeska Grisebach. CAST Meinhard Neumann, Reinhardt Wetrek, Syuleyman Alilov Letifov, Veneta Frangova, Vyara Borisova, Kevin Bashev. Germany, Bulgaria, Austria

A Norwegian-Pakistani teenage girl must bear the consequences of her rebellious actions in this powerful sophomore feature. DIR/SCR Iram Haq. CAST Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain, Rohit Saraf, Ekavali Khanna, Ali Arfan, Sheeba Chaddha, Lalit Parimoo, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Nokokure Dahl, Trine Wiggen, Maria Bock, Sara Khorami. Norway, Germany, Sweden

A loner in a snowy mining community is pushed to violent extremes in this hypnotic, beautiful debut out of Denmark. DIR/SCR Hlynur Pálmason. CAST Elliott Crosset Hove, Simon Sears, Victoria Carmen Sonne, Peter Plaugborg, Lars Mikkelsen. Denmark, Iceland